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Shoreline Erosion Control & Restoration in Florida

Whether natural or man-made, Florida’s lakes, ponds, canals, and stormwater facilities play an important role in our communities. They provide food and refuge for native wildlife, they prevent flooding during rainstorms, and they serve as a beautiful backdrop for spending quality time in nature. 

Unfortunately, our precious waterbodies are susceptible to many problems, including chronic erosion. This is often an inevitable process of “wear and tear” caused by water movement, weather, wildlife, and human activity that undermines the stability of the bank – but that doesn’t mean it’s not preventable.

Importance of Erosion Control

If shoreline erosion is not prevented or mitigated, lakes and ponds may suffer from excess runoff, nutrient loading, and loss of native vegetation and wildlife. Over time, this can result in poor water quality, bad odors, algae, cyanobacteria, invasive species growth, muck build-up, and other issues that speed up the rate at which a waterbody loses volume and depth. 

Additionally, shoreline erosion can significantly reduce the aesthetic appeal and recreational uses of our water resources. Moreover, erosion poses alarming liability concerns for HOAs, golf courses, and Parks & Recreation services by destabilizing land and creating dangerous cracks or gullies along the water’s edge.

Below are a few of the many benefits of repairing eroded shorelines.

1. Maintains Property Values

In many Florida communities, the shoreline determines the property line and easements, which means that losing the shoreline is the same as moving the property line. A well-maintained shoreline helps preserve home property lines and maintain property values.

2. Prevents Water Pollution

Runoff caused by natural and human activities is often filled with chemicals, pet waste, trash, and other pollutants that can destroy aquatic ecosystems. Preventing shoreline sediment from becoming too unstable allows the water to be absorbed into the ground where it undergoes a natural filtration process rather than flowing directly into lakes and ponds.

3. Protects Natural Habitats and Ecosystems

Shoreline erosion often goes hand in hand with nutrient pollution, loss of native vegetation, oxygen depletion, and other aquatic imbalances that threaten native life and impede the crucial functions of the ecosystem. Without shoreline restoration, whole populations of animals, insects, flora, and fauna can be crippled over time.


4. Supports Storm Drainage for Urban Areas

In areas that are prone to flooding, lakes and ponds play an important role in water control. Storm drainage helps reduce soil loss, and if erosion occurs, drains become congested and turn into flood zones. By preventing flooding caused by bank erosion, lakes and ponds help prevent flooding, toxic standing water, and mosquitoes.

5. Improve Community Well-Being

Our water resources add an unparalleled sense of peace and beauty to our communities. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that time spent around “blue spaces” like lakes and ponds improves mental health, happiness, and overall well-being – even more so than time spent around “green spaces” like parks and hiking trails. 

Effective Erosion Control Solutions

Erosion control efforts help keep lakes and ponds safe, functional, and healthy. There are many effective tools for preventing shoreline damage and the subsequent hazards to the aquatic ecosystem:

  • Reinforce the shoreline with rocks and riprap for lasting strength and filtration, especially during flooding and other weather events.
  • Add extra reinforcement by introducing beneficial native flowering vegetation with deep root systems that contain soil in place.
  • Repurpose accumulated muck with knitted mesh technology which physically anchors sediment in place for a natural, aesthetically pleasing shoreline.
  • Install bulkheads and retaining walls around particularly steep and problematic banks or hillside areas in need of enhanced protection.

Implementing Annual Shoreline Management

It’s clear that Florida’s water resources are an integral part of our communities and should be treated as such. Just like a garden, lakes, ponds, canals, and stormwater facilities require consistent care to ensure they stay in good condition for as long as possible. An annual SOL Pro management program can be used to provide year-round monitoring and proactive solutions for waterbodies of any shape, size, or use. Contact your lake management professional to learn more about preventing erosion around your waterbodies.

Discover the Benefits of Shoreline Erosion Management

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