10 Ways To Help Reduce Mosquitoes & Disease In Your Community

April 25th, 2017

reduce mosquitoes and diseaseMosquitoes are a royal pain that nobody wants to deal with. And in addition to being an annoyance, mosquitoes pose a serious threat to public health, as they transmit dangerous diseases like Zika and West Nile virus. Here are 10 ways to help reduce mosquitoes in and around your lake or pond, and throughout your community:

1. Remove cattails and other non-beneficial shoreline vegetation, which can provide breeding habitat for mosquitoes.

2. Maintain a buffer of beneficial vegetation, such as Pickerelweed and Cardinal Flower, to help provide habitat for mosquito predators like dragonflies.

3. Stock your waterbody with an appropriate species of small fish like Fathead minnows or Bluegill to help control mosquitoes that may be breeding in shallow areas.

4. Circulate the water with a fountain or submersed aeration system, as mosquitoes tend to only breed in stagnant water.

5. Treat nuisance aquatic weeds and algae; weeds and algae can create isolated pockets where mosquitoes may be able to reproduce.

6. Eliminate standing water in your community by cleaning up litter, removing tire piles and repairing potholes. This will help limit breeding habitat.

7. Regularly empty containers around your home, such as flower pots or buckets.

8. Clean the gutters on your home to further limit mosquito breeding habitat.

9. Educate your community members about ways to avoid exposure to mosquitoes and reduce breeding habitat on their property.

10. Implement a proactive Integrated Mosquito Management program, which includes surveillance and testing efforts, to address all aspects of the problem and to help prevent mosquito bites and the transmission of serious disease.

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