SOL Pro Annual Management Plans

Maintain Your Aquatic Resource Year-Round

Keeping your lakes, ponds, and fisheries ecologically balanced and beautiful isn’t a one-time job. It requires consistent, proactive care by highly trained lake management professionals.

sol pro annual management

If you wait until a problem reveals itself to take action, chances are you’ll always be playing catch-up. You need a lake management partner who is capable of providing proactive, preventative care for your aquatic resources – and that’s exactly what you get with our SOL Pro Plans.

SOL Pro Premium: Complex ecosystems have complex problems. By leveraging proactive management solutions, superior data, cutting-edge technologies and your dedicated support team, we’ll achieve the trifecta of impeccable beauty, functionality and aquatic health.

SOL Pro Plus: When you look past the water’s surface, it’s possible to identify imbalances before they physically reveal themselves. Cover all the bases plus enjoy increased site visits, advanced water quality assessments, and peace of mind with permitting assistance.

SOL Pro Essential: A healthy waterbody is built on a solid foundation of advanced knowledge and preventative techniques. Short-term bandaids just won’t cut it, which is why we set the groundwork with the future in mind. When you start ahead, you stay ahead.

Optional Package Add-ons

  • Biological mosquito control
  • Fish feeder maintenance
  • Mechanical removal of aquatic weeds
  • Shoreline debris removal
  • Stocking for a balanced fishery
  • Native plantings
  • Nanobubble/oxygenation treatment
  • Stocking for mosquito control


*The needs of waterbodies can vary from region to region. Note that SOL Pro Plan Perks may be subject to regional offerings and regulations.

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