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SOLitude Success Stories and Case Studies

Lake and Pond Management for ResortsAt many resorts, lakes and ponds are one of the most important assets to the property and serve as a form of entertainment for guests. Whether the waterbodies are used for swimming, fishing, boating or simply to serve as a scenic backdrop, it is important that they are healthy and safe for guests to enjoy. Without the help of a lake management professional, your resort’s waterbody can quickly turn into an eyesore and become a danger to your guests.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories at our resort properties.

Hydrilla Control in Resort Pond | Charlottesville, VA

Hydrilla Infesting Pond  After Controling and Treating Hydrilla

This property is a high-profile resort and conference center and they have very high standards for the aesthetics of the 2.4-acre ponds. There are two waterbodies on the property, which are centrally located among the facilities and can be viewed from the exclusive restaurant and spa area...read more.

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