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    Enhancing A Buffer At Town Park Swale
    Buffer Management Case Study

    Location and Acreage:
    North Coventry Township, PA | 2-Acres

    Project Timeframe: 
    2012 to 2014

    Project Manager:
    John Phelps, Environmental Scientist & Senior Business Development Consultant

    Key Staff:
    Gavin Ferris, Ecologist

    Site Description:
    This park is a small township park located near Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The park has ball fields, playgrounds, a two acre pond, a small wetland mitigation area adjacent to the pond and a system of grassy drainage swales which convey stormwater from the ball field areas to the pond. The County Conservation District had identified multiple areas of erosion throughout the park especially within the drainage swales. The wetland mitigation area adjacent to the pond had invasive common reed Phragmites (Phragmites australis).

    Before Install of Beneficial Vegetation    Improved Drainage Swale

    Scope of Work:
    Drainage Swale and Buffer Enhancement Concept Plant, Vegetation Installation and Invasive plant eradication.

    Project Description:
    SOLitude Lake Management worked with the North Coventry Parks and Recreation Commission to develop an Enhancement Concept Plan which identified seven areas throughout the park which could be enhanced by planting native plants within and around drainage swales, steep slopes and the pond’s buffer. The Township applied for and received a grant which provided the township with the money to finance the plan development and planting materials needed to begin the planting installation.

    The Township used in-kind services through use of existing park and road department personnel for the planting installation. SOLitude Lake Management provided the technical support for the planting installation. The steep slope area located behind the lower baseball field and the lower field swale was planted in the fall of 2013.The Township intends to install the remaining enhancement areas overtime as funding allows. The initial planting enhancement installations addressed the County’s initial concerns of erosion. SOLitude Lake Management treated areas of Phragmites within the wetland mitigation area in the fall of 2013, eradicating the plant from the wetland area.

    Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control
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