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    Municipalities & Parks and Recreation

    SOLitude Success Stories and Case Studies

    Give Your Community Beautiful Lakes and Ponds

    We have experience working with Parks and Rec Directors and a variety of other government officials to help improve and restore their community's waterbodies. From high quality and sustainable management programs to ecologically balanced and aesthetically pleasing enhancements like pond fountains, communities deserve a natural environment that captivates the eye. 

    Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving municipalities and parks and recreation projects.

    Mitigating HABs with Alum Application | Harwich, MA


    Located in Harwich, MA, this waterbody serves as an ecological, agricultural and recreational asset to the area. This 174-acre kettle pond is unlike many in the Cape Cod region. It’s relatively shallow in comparison to others, boasting a maximum depth of 28 ft and a mean depth of 13 ft. This pond has supported cranberry farming for roughly 150 years and is an important spawning habitat for Alewife (a small fish species that migrates between fresh and saltwater)...read more.

    Controlling Milfoil with Highly-Selective Technology | Fairlee, VT

    before   after

    This is a 500-acre waterbody in Fairlee, VT. While much of the surrounding area is undeveloped, parts of the lake are lined with residential homes. Two children’s camps are located along the lake and rely heavily on the water resource for activities...read more.

    Managing Sediment Levels in Town Lake | Barnstable, MA

    Map of Pond's Treatment Areas

    This 120-acre pond was previously treated with Alum in 1995, which provided nearly 20 years of successful control. In 2013 and 2014, conditions started to deteriorate again and based on the success with Alum at other ponds in Barnstable, the Town quickly set up funding to treat the lake again...read more.

    Managing Cyanobacteria In Massachusetts Pond | Brewster, MA

    Harmful Algae Blooms  Pond Restored After Toxic Algae Bloom

    This pond, located in Brewster, MA, is one of the most popular destinations in the area for water recreation. It also serves as the highlight attraction of a heavily used state park which includes a large campground that is often booked solid each summer...read more.

    Nuisance Weed Control in City Lake | Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

    Mechanical Harvesting and Treatment Results

    This city is located near the southeastern coast of North Carolina, in Brunswick County. There are numerous freshwater lakes within the City Limits, many of which are used for recreational purposes that include boating, swimming and fishing...read more.

    Managing A NC County's Stormwater Pond | Brunswick County, NC

    Submersed and Floating Nuisance Species  Beautiful, Clean Stormwater Pond

    This town is located along the southeast coastline of North Carolina in Brunswick County, just north of the South Carolina state line. There are multiple freshwater ponds within the town limits that are part of stormwater drainage features...read more.

    Giant Salvinia Treatment in Large Lake | Bossier City, LA

    la-lake-before    la-lake-after

    This waterbody is a 664-acre lake located on an airforce base near Bossier City, Louisiana. The lake is relatively shallow, averaging less than four feet deep, and serves as a valuable resource to the base...read more.

    Hydro-Raking A 350-acre City Lake | Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

    Maidencane Infestation In City Lake  Removal of Maidencane with Hydro-Raking

    This lake is a 350-acre waterbody located in the center of Boiling Spring Lakes, NC. The property is directly fed from North Lake to the north, which is fed by Spring Lake to the north east...read more.

    Algae and Vegetation Control in Denver Park | Denver, CO

    Poor Water Quality and Toxic Algae Blooms  Restored Water Quality of A Park Pond

    This lake is located in Denver, CO. This park contains the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. The 23.5-acre lake has a history of recurring filamentous algae blooms, often so notable they get attention of the local news and media publications...read more.

    Reducing Phosphorus Levels in Town Pond | Halifax, MA

    Preparing Alum Barge for Application

    This 528-acre pond, located in the towns of Halifax and Hanson, Massachusetts, is a significant ecological, historical and recreational resource as well as an important supplementary water supply for the nearby City of Brockton...read more.

    Improving Water Quality In The Town's Largest Lake | Harwich, MA

    Tanks Located Along the Shore for Easy Access to Alum

    SOLitude was contracted to apply Alum and sodium aluminate to the largest lake on Cape Cod (750-acres) as part of an ongoing management program. This high-profile project was partially funded by the state and designed by Dr. Ken Wagner with assistance from SOLitude...read more.

    Eurasian Watermilfoil Control in Public Lake | Monument, CO

    Eurasian Watermilfoil Infestation  After Eurasian Watermilfoil Removal

    This lake is public aquatic resource about 30-acres in size and is used for a variety of non-motorized recreational activities. The resource is popular for Northern Pike, stocked Rainbow Trout, and Largemouth Bass fishing...read more.

    Enhancing A Drainage Swale at Park | North Coventry Township, PA

    Before Install of Beneficial Vegetation  Improved Drainage Swale

    This park is a small township park located near Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The park has ball fields, playgrounds, a two-acre pond, a small wetland mitigation area adjacent to the pond and a system of grassy drainage swales which convey stormwater from the ball field areas to the pond...read more.

    Controlling Water Solider in Public Canadian Lake | Ontario, Canada

    Water Solider Infesting the Waterbody  Clear, Open Water Restored After Management

    This waterbody provides a link between Lake Ontario in the southeast and Georgian Bay in the northwest, allowing boat navigation for its entire 240 mile length through a system of rivers and lakes, and 41 locks...read more.

    Managing Nutrient Levels In Recreational Pond | Pembroke, MA

    Alum Barge Applying Environmentally Sensitive Product

    This pond is a relatively shallow, 220-acre pond located in an urbanized watershed and is part of a larger system, which includes a neighboring pond. Unlike the neighboring pond, this property is habitat for two endangered freshwater invertebrates: the Tidewater Mucket and Eastern Pond Mussel...read more.

    Milfoil Control in Large Recreational Lake | Cazenovia, NY

    Large New York Recreational Lake

    This Lake is a 1,164-acre waterbody located in Madison County, New York. The lake was listed on the New York State Priority Waterbody List in 1996 as being threatened due to excessive weeds and algae...read more.

    Reducing Nutrient Loading In Town Pond | Plymouth, MA

    Performing Alum Treatment in Town Pond

    This pond is a ~291-acre waterbody located in the Towns of Plymouth and Wareham. This waterbody provides valuable wetland habitat and recreational opportunities for area residents. It also serves as a water source for adjacent cranberry bogs, and there is an active herring run into the pond...read more.

    Restoring Water Quality in 54-Acre Town Pond | Ryegate, VT

    Alum Barge Performing Treatment   Alum Treatment to Improve Water Quality

    The pond is a 54-acre waterbody with a maximum depth of 46-feet and an average depth of 16-feet. The pond provides valuable fish & wildlife habitat as well as recreational opportunities for area residents, however there is a long history of nuisance algae blooms and associated water quality impairments...read more. 

    Algae Control in Public Park | Shrewsbury, MA

    Filamentous Algae Growth in Pond   Clear Pond with Improved Water Quality

    This property is a public park and recreation area which has walking trails, ball fields and park benches throughout. It is located just off Main Street in Shrewsbury, MA. The 11-acre pond is located in the middle of the park and is a focal point of the entire park...read more.  

    Controlling Hydrilla in Large Lake | Cayuga, NY


    This control project took place on approximately 266 total acres. The targeted areas compromised of several inlets within the lake...read more.

    Bathymetric Study of A Large Recreational Lake | Tamassee, SC

    Performing A Bathymetric Study

    This waterbody is a 162.7-acre lake in western South Carolina. Many of the homes surrounding the lake are second homes with very few residents living on the lake year round...read more.

    Fanwort and Watermilfoil Control in Town Pond | Wareham, MA

    Aquatic Invasive Plants Investing Lake  After Aquatic Herbicide Treatment

    This property, located in Wareham, Massachusetts, is a 150-acre waterbody owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is managed by the MA Division of Fish and Wildlife (MA DFG)...read more.

    Controlling Phragmites in A Historical Park | Yorktown, VA

    Phragmites Treatment Sites

    This property is a national park with Revolutionary War battlefield sites preserved and serving as year round tourist attractions in the Yorktown/Williamsburg area...read more.

    Trash Removal via Harvester | Boston, MA

    boston-river-before_  boston-river-after_

    This river is 3.5 miles long stretching through Boston and Brookline. A portion of the river flow passes through a park and throughout the city. A major challenge the river faces is the amount of trash being collected in the waterbody...read more.

    Restoring a Damaged Wetland Preserve | Palo Alto, CA

    before  after

    This Nature Center is perched over the Baylands tidal marsh in Palo Alto, CA. The preserve is home to many species of animals, including state and federally endangered species such as the salt marsh harvest mouse, the wandering shrew, the California black rail and the Ridgway rail. This is an extremely sensitive habitat...read more.

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