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    Private Landowners

    SOLitude Success Stories and Case Studies

    Improve Your Property's Waterbody

    Private lakes and ponds are difficult to manage, even for the most dedicated landowners. Whether you want to develop a trophy fishery or enhance your pond with a beautiful fountain, there must be a holistic management plan in place. In order to achieve these long-term results, the scientific knowledge and experience of a true professional is needed.

    Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving private landowner projects.

    Restoring An Aquatic Weed-Infested Pond | St. Cloud, FL

    before  after

    A half-acre pond located on a private residence in St. Cloud, FL was plagued by nuisance weeds, including Salvinia, that completely covered the surface of the 4-5 ft deep waterbody, preventing the property owners from enjoying the beauty and functionality of their freshwater resource...read more.

    Managing a Private Pond's Fishery | Albemarle County, VA

    Fish Habitat Install    Electrofishing at Private Property in Charlottesville, VA

    This is private property in the Charlottesville area. There are six waterbodies on the property that total 21-acres of water. The waterbodies are used for recreational fishing for friends and family and are being managed for trophy fishing...read more.

    Eradicating Azolla Aquatic Weed in Irrigation Pond | Watsonville, CA

    before treatment after treatment

    This irrigation pond is a 1.7 acre pond on a private property in Watsonville, CA, that experienced an intense azolla infestation. Azolla is a genus of seven species of aquatic ferns (weeds) in the family Salviniaceae. They resemble duckweed or some mosses and were severely impacting the owner’s use of the waterbody for irrigation of food crops...read more

    Parrotfeather and Algae Control in Private Pond | New Baltimore, VA

    Before_web-3    After_web-3

    In June 2019, SOLitude was contacted by a private homeowner to assess their pond. Upon the initial site visit, it was found that the waterbody at the residence had not been previously managed and was fully choked out with Parrotfeather. The growth was obstructing the flow of the pond and beginning to promote watermeal growth by blocking the stand-pipe...read more.

    Spatterdock Control at a Private Cattle Farm | Boyce, VA

    Pond Covered In Invasive Plants and Algae Blooms  Pond Free of Nuisance Aquatic Weeds

    This property was previously a cattle farm, but is now used primarily as a private weekend recreational residence. The owner is an avid angler and hired SOLitude Lake Management to develop a Fisheries Management Plan for the 5.5-acre lake...read more.

    Aquatic Weed Control at Private Horse Farm | Brentsville, VA

    Pond Covered in Algae  Restored Water Quality After Algae Bloom

    This property is a privately-owned horse farm with a small recreational pond that receives drainage from the barn area and several of the horse fields. The horses on the farm also use the 0.7-acre pond for drinking and wading...read more.

    Duckweed Management for Private Landowner | Brentwood, TN

    Duckweed and Filamentous Algae Blooms  After Treatment of Filamentous Algae Bloom and Duckweed

    The client contacted SOLitude looking for a solution to an aesthetic issue with his .33-acre pond. He had been dealing with duckweed growth over the past few seasons, and had seen the problem steadily become worse. As a private land owner, he had some budget concerns and wanted to keep costs at a minimum...read more.

    Duckweed Management in Private Pond | Clemmons, NC

    Duckweed Covering Pond  Restored Water Quality After Duckweed Treatment

    In 2015, this client was in the process of purchasing a large private property in Clemmons, NC that had a 12-acre pond on it. The pond was covered with duckweed and they reached out to SOLitude to explore treatment options prior to even purchasing the property...read more.

    Algae Control at Private Waterbody | Erie, PA

    Algae Bloom at Private Residence  Full Control of Targeted Algae Species

    This private residence pond is a 6.9-acre private waterbody near Erie, PA. The client was experiencing ongoing issues with algae growth. The pond is used for fishing, kayaking and swimming and the algae growth was making these activities nearly impossible...read more

    Parrotfeather Control in Pivately-Owned Pond | Glenwood, MD

    Parrotfeather Infesting Private Pond  Parrotfeather Treatment Results

    This property is a privately-owned .35-pond located in Glenwood, Maryland. This popular pond containing a single fountain accents the beauty of the property, and also has a healthy fishery that is enjoyed by family and friends. The client contacted SOLitude Lake Management with concerns regarding a nuisance aquatic plant within the pond...read more.

    Managing Invasive Species in Coastal Wetland | Westerly, RI

    Arial View of Infestation  Results of Removed Invasive Vegetation

    This wetland’s system is a freshwater pond group located on a 15-acre private property at the southern tip of Westerly, Rhode Island. These coastal ponds are separated from a sound by an approximate 250-foot-wide coastal dune and beach...read more

    Controlling Algae in Private Retention Pond | Hampton, VA

    Pond Covered In Filamentous Algae  Successful Treatment of Algae Blooms

    This church has four retention ponds totalling to 0.9-acres on the property. This particular stormwater management facility receives runoff from the neighboring community along drainage from the church parking lot...read more.

    Filamentous Algae Control in Private Pond | Hope, NJ

    Before Filamentous Algae Treatment  After Filamentous Algae Treatment

    This pond is a 0.25-acre private pond located in Hope, NJ. The pond owner has been a client of SOLitude’s for some time, and participates in our Annual Management Program. The client contacted SOLitude in February when algae blooms were noticed...read more.

    Enhancing a Farm Owner's Pond | Hellertown, PA

    hellertown-pond-before-1   hellertown-pond-after

    The property is a gentleman’s large farm located in Hellertown, Pennsylvania.  The property includes a quarter-acre spring-fed embankment pond. The pond was filled with cattails and other invasive plants...read more

    Milfoil Removal in Marina Bay | Wolfeboro, NH

    watermilfoil-before-case-study  after-watermilfoil-case-study

    This site is a 34-acre bay located on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, NH. The bay is relatively shallow, averaging about six feet deep. It serves as a valuable resource to the surrounding community by providing excellent fish and wildlife habitat, as well as recreational opportunities, such as fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, a competitive tournament water skiing course/jump and a designated model sailboat racing area...read more

    Watermilfoil and Variable Milfoil Removal | Goshen, CT

    goshen-case-study-2    goshen-case-study

    This pond is a 42-acre naturally-formed waterbody. The pond consists of a single basin with a limited littoral zone. The maximum recorded depth in the pond is 32 ft and the average depth is approximately 15 ft...read more

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