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    Communities and HOA's

    SOLitude Success Stories and Case Studies

    Enhance Your Community's Waterbody

    From the inherent allure of your lake or pond to the majestic and ecologically friendly pond fountains you invest in, your residents deserve a natural environment that captivates the eye. But, it’s not just about the beauty. Sound science and a focus on regulatory compliance are also required to achieve that ecologically balanced and well-maintained community lake or pond.

    Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving communities and HOA projects.

    White Water-Lily Control in Large Community | Bel Air, MD

    Stormwater Pond Infested with White Water-Lily  Open Water Restored

    This property is a large planned residential community located in Bel Air, Harford County, MD. The community’s .5-acre waterbody is a stormwater management pond, and had all the associated issues commonly seen in these types of ponds, such as nutrient and sediment pollution...read more.

    Dense Algae Control in Community Pond | Dulles, VA

    Heavy Filamentous Algae Bloom  Algae-Free Waterbody

    This community’s .2-acre pond is a stormwater management facility in Northern Virginia near Dulles International Airport. The pond is over 20 years old and receives stormwater run-off from the neighboring communities...read more.

    Phragmites Control in Private Community | Ocean View, DE

    Phragmites Control

    This property is a private community with about a half mile (~.25-acres) of wetland shoreline bordering White Creek, an inlet to the Indian River Bay...read more.

    Community Fishery Assessment | Fluvanna County, VA

    Stocking Fish In Community Lake

    This 350-acre lake is surrounded by a private community. The lake is used for many recreational activities including boating, swimming and fishing...read more.

    Algae and Weed Management in Community Pond | Gainesville, VA

    Results of High Nutrient Levels and Sediment Buildup  Clear, Algae Free Water

    This property is an active adult community in Northern Virginia that features an 18-hole championship golf course and over 16 waterbodies on its 750-acres. Many of the waterbodies experience algae blooms and submersed aquatic weed growth caused by high nutrient levels from fertilizer and sediment buildup...read more.

    Managing Algae Mats in Community Waterbody | Greensboro, NC

    Severe Filamentous Algae Blooms  After Fountain Install and Algae Treatment

    This property is a community located in Greensboro, North Carolina and has a
    1-acre stormwater pond, which has had a filamentous algae problem for several years. In the spring of 2016, the community manager reached out to SOLitude Lake Management for assistance.
    ..read more.

    Enhancing A Community Canal System | Leland, NC

    Aeration Install Throughout Canal System  Lime Application

    This property in the Carolinas is a residential community located in Leland, NC. The ~500 acre development currently has around 1,000 single family homes within its confines. The waterbodies within the community consist of a 56.7-acre canal system that runs behind many of the homes, an 11.2-acre lake and eleven other small ponds...read more.

    Algae and Nutrient Control In Community Pond | Lewes, DE

    Results of Poor Water Quality and Algae Blooms  Restored Water Quality at HOA Pond

    This property is a subdivision just outside Lewes in Sussex County, Delaware on Gills Neck Road, encompassing 35-acres which includes 162 lots of ½ to 3 acres each. The landscape was developed in 2007 and this private community is about 75% completed. It is made up of mostly single-family homes and includes a community pool, pool house and park...read more.

    Controlling Green Algae in Community Pond | Rehoboth Beach, DE

    Green Filamentous Algae Mats  After Treatment of Algae Mats

    This property is a private community in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with a number of small stormwater ponds. These small ponds collect runoff from the community which results in shallow ponds with excessive nutrient pollution...read more.

    Regaining Function of A Stormwater Pond | Rock Hill, NC

    Algae Developed In Stormwater Pond  Restored Stormwater Pond

    This property is a vibrant community located in the southwestern area of Charlotte, NC, offering residents access to swimming pools, walking trails and green space. The HOA community has numerous stormwater BMP’s located throughout its six acres of land...read more.

    Repairing A Community's Stormwater Facility | Morrisville, NC

    Stormwater Facility Filled with Overgrown Vegetation  Restored Stormwater Facility

    A one-acre stormwater pond was cited by the local municipality as being non-complaint with local, state and federal stormwater regulations. The municipality began fining the community for non-compliance and requested the stormwater management facility be repaired per an engineer’s specifications...read more.

    Removing Organic Matter in Community Pond | Cary, NC


    This community had been complaining about odors and poor water quality conditions in their 1.8-acre community pond. Years of upstream development and soil disturbance during construction within the community...read more.

    Mapping 67 Community Stormwater Ponds | Mt. Pleasant, SC

    Mapping Sediment Levels in Stormwater Pond

    This property has 67 stormwater ponds within the community. The ponds vary in age from over 25 years to only a few months old. Consulting Services to determine existing state of stormwater ponds (stormwater pond inspection) and bathymetric study for 67 ponds...read more.

    Annual Maintenance of Community Ponds | Virginia Beach, VA

    Before Algae and Weed Treatment  After Algae and Weed Control Management 

    This client is a large residential community located in southern Virginia Beach, VA. The property contains 12 ponds, 13 fountains and a submersed aeration system...read more.

    Mapping Alligator Weed in Community Lake | Virginia Beach, VA

    Analyzing Data from Bathymetric Study

    This lake is a waterbody located near the Virginia Beach oceanfront and is located in a military installation and community. The lake is approximately 30-acres and ownership of the lake is split between the community and military base...read more.

    Water Quality Monitoring in Community Lake | Virginia Beach, VA

    Community Along Large Lake In Virginia

    This waterbody is a 90-acre lake in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The lake was created as a borrow pit during the construction of I-64. It is surrounded by homes, with the exception of a small park along the western shore of the lake...read more

    Algae Control in Community Golf Course Pond | Williamsburg, VA

    Filamentous Algae Bloom In Golf Irrigation Pond  After Algaecide Treatments

    This property is a large community in Williamsburg, Virginia with single family homes surrounding a golf course. Multiple lakes and ponds are located throughout the community and golf course...read more.

    Restoring a Brackish Pond with Phragmites | Nantucket, MA


    This pond is a salt/brackish pond running southwest to northeast near the western end of Nantucket. With a surface area of 79 acres, the pond is one of the largest waterbodies on the Island. The pond is relatively shallow at just 4-6 ft on average and frequently suffers from poor water quality and prolific native weed growth...read more.

    Removing Nuisance Emergent Vegetation | Webster, MA

    hydro-rate-before-case-study  hydro-rate-after-case-study

    This site is a 4.2-acre pond located within the western section of Webster Lake. The pond has historically served as a direct inlet into Webster Lake, with a culvert connecting the pond to the watershed...read more

    Controlling Algae with Nanobubbles | Bonita Springs, FL


    This site is a large planned community within a Community Development District in Bonita Springs, FL. There are approximately 1,821 acres within the CDD. The community includes several golf courses, recreational areas, and over 50 lakes...read more

    Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control

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    Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control
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