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    Controlling Parrotfeather in Private Pond
    Aquatic Weed and Algae Control Case Study

    Location and Acreage:
    Glenwood, MD | 0.35-Acres

    Project Timeframe: 

    Project Managers:
    Jason Luce, Lake Management Scientist and Certified Lake Manager

    Site Description:
    This property is a privately-owned pond located in Glenwood, Maryland. This popular pond containing a single fountain accents the beauty of the property, and also has a healthy fishery that is enjoyed by family and friends. The client contacted SOLitude Lake Management with concerns regarding a nuisance aquatic plant within the pond.

    Parrotfeather Infesting Private Pond Parrotfeather Treatment Results

    Scope of Work:  
    Our initial site visit revealed extremely dense growth of parrotfeather, the entry point of which is unknown. Shortly after our assessment, we were contracted to control the growth with an initial treatment and to continue annual pond maintenance to control any new nuisance growth. Establish 100% control over the dense parrotfeather growth. Initial survey revealed almost 95% coverage by parrotfeather. 

    Project Description:
    To control the parrotfeather, we started with an initial treatment using a environmentally sensitive aquatic product. After about one month, all of the growth had died but we needed to allow for decomposition to occur. The parrotfeather was very dense and it took all of July and most of August to break down. Once the plants had broken down, the pond responded tremendously. The basin is spring fed and this allows it to keep a colder temperature even during the hot summer months. The pond also has an aeration fountain which has helped with new algae or aquatic plant growth. Overall, the treatment worked exceptionally well and we had little to no need for follow-up treatments. The client is very satisfied with the results and the pond is now back open for recreational use by friends and family.

    Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control
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