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Lake and Wetland SOX Install

Florida Community Wins $10K Extreme Shoreline Makeover Giveaway!

Shoreline erosion can be unsightly, but it can also threaten property value, home foundations, and other valuable assets near the water. In February 2022, SOLitude Lake Management launched the Extreme Shoreline Makeover Giveaway to help one lucky winner restore their waterbody’s shoreline. The giveaway included $10,000 of shoreline restoration services, which included the installation of a SOX Erosion Control System. After reviewing over 200 submissions, SOLitude selected the Southshore Falls community as the Extreme Shoreline Makeover Giveaway winner!

How Erosion Impaired this Community's Waterbody

Southshore Falls in Apollo Beach, FL, is a 55+ community that offers a premium lifestyle for its residents. From beautifully landscaped walking trails to the scenic ponds located throughout the community, these residents enjoy spending their time outdoors. Over the years, the community has maintained its aquatic resources by implementing solutions such as aeration, dredging, and nutrient remediation. However, their pond shorelines have become eroded due to high activity and runoff, which became an eyesore and a safety hazard to residents.

Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics with SOX Systems

With $10,000 worth of shoreline restoration, SOLitude’s erosion repair team restored 170 feet of shoreline on one of their popular ponds. Utilizing a hydraulic dredge, muck and sediment from the pond bottom were pumped into the SOX system. This both restabilized the shoreline and increased the depth of the shallow cove where the restoration took place. After additional material was brought in to fill the SOX, we sodded over the system to help create a natural living shoreline. Now, the residents at Southshore Falls can safely enjoy their walks around their pond and enjoy the view of their beautiful, new shoreline.

The Importance of Shoreline Management

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