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Top 5 Reasons to Stock Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are a cold water fish native to the Pacific Ocean and western US coastal streams. A variety of rainbow trout that is born in a freshwater river, grows up in the ocean (or in a large lake), and returns to freshwater to spawn is called a Steelhead. Because they are easy to grow in hatcheries and fun and easy to catch, rainbow trout are stocked into rivers and ponds all over the world. Adding trout to your private or community pond in the fall is one of the easiest things owners can do to create some diversity and add excitement to their winter fishing experience. The most popular reasons trout are added to ponds are:

  1.  They provide fun fishing opportunities for the entire family. Rainbow trout are easy to catch and those raised in hatcheries can easily be caught on “trout bait” sold in stores, and even on whole kernel corn.
  2. Trout are cold-water fish. This means when warm water fish like largemouth bass and bluegill are in cold water their metabolism slows down and they aren’t as hungry, making them harder to catch. Trout are the opposite, becoming more active in the cold water, providing fishing opportunities during cooler months when other fish are harder to catch.
  3. Small trout can be added to bass ponds in fall while the water is still warm enough for the bass to be active and cold enough for the trout to live. They then serve as an outstanding food source for pond owners looking to grow big bass. In the spring, the same thing happens in reverse as the water warms, the trout slow down and the bass speed up, providing food for hungry bass.
  4. A golden-colored variety can be stocked adding variety and excitement to the fishing experience. True “Golden Trout” are a variety of trout native to the west coast of the US. Golden rainbows are rainbow trout that are golden in color.
  5. Because they are readily available in many different sizes, and easy to catch, rainbows are a great fish to stock prior to community/family/youth fishing tournaments. They can also be tagged to award additional tournament prizes.

Perhaps the top reason for stocking rainbow trout is they are just fun to catch all fall and winter long. So get outside this season and go fishing!

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