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    Fish Stocking: Rainbow Trout to 'Heat Up' Your Winter Fishing

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 03, 2014

    Written by Industry Expert Aaron Cushing, Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist

    DaveB_forage_fish_stocking_c-2We often recommend to pond owners and communities to stock rainbow trout in the fall or early winter to provide the opportunity to land a relatively easy to catch fish that is active all winter. If you are thinking about stocking trout, there is even more you can add to ‘heat up’ your neighborhood cold weather trout fishing.

    Add Big Fish:
    Trout are available in many sizes. If you plan on stocking a bunch of 8-10 inch rainbows, consider stocking a few 12-15 inch fish. You may catch one of the big ones!

    Add Some Color:
    Ever hear of a Golden Rainbow Trout? They are a rainbow trout with a gold and white creamy color and their eyes can be red or white! These fish sure are awesome to catch and see up-close. They are best caught on fluorescent power baits or spinners.

    Golden Rainbow Trout c
    Golden Rainbow Trout a

    Add Prizes:
    Consider adding a few prizes for kids and adults alike to community or neighborhood fishing events. Items such as fishing equipment or gift cards can either be donated to or purchased by the community and awarded for many reasons such as first fish caught, longest fish, most fish, etc.

    Add Fish Tags:
    Having a small number of fish with individual ID tags allows prizes to be given away for each fish caught. Consider asking your fisheries professional to electrofish and tag a small number of fish with unique ID tags. One specific fish can be even be the grand prize winner!

    Tagged Rainbow Trout SOLitude Lake Management

    Enjoy, have fun and most importantly, get kids and families outsdoors! Contact our team of experts for more ways to build a sense of community in your neighborhood through recreational fishing. 

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