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Enhance Your Property with Commercial Lake Management

A clean and beautiful lake or stormwater pond can be a significant asset for commercial properties, helping to attract visitors and increase satisfaction for guests, students, or employees. A pristine lake or pond adds to the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings and increases property values. Healthy stormwater ponds protect your property from flooding risks and help filter pollutants before water is released downstream. 

Don’t let an unsightly lake or pond decrease your property value and deter visitors. Give your guests and employees a place where they can relax and enjoy the therapeutic value of water, all while boosting the value of your property. Maintaining a beautiful and healthy property is easy with the pond management experts at SOLitude. When you have an annual management plan with us for your commercial property – you can expect a considerable return on investment.

Achieve Worry-Free Water Management

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Who We Serve

Commercial lake management isn’t always one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re looking to elevate a shopping center or provide a beautiful backdrop for a college campus – we’re here to help. An aquatic specialist will work alongside you to develop a custom pond management plan that can fit the unique needs of your property. Our team can service a variety of commercial properties, including:

Algae and Weed Control

One of the biggest concerns for commercial properties is the presence of algae and aquatic weeds. Murky-green water, foul odors, and nuisance weeds can be unsightly – potentially damaging your business’s image, deterring customers, or leaving employees unhappy. If left unchecked, these organisms can quickly spread and overtake a body of water, leading to potential safety hazards for visitors and employees. They can also negatively impact the local ecosystem and disrupt the balance of the surrounding environment. 

That’s why quick control of algae and aquatic weeds is essential for commercial property managers. Algaecides and herbicides are effective tools that can control or eliminate aquatic plants and pond algae. These products are highly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and are safe when applied by a licensed professional.

Proactive Solutions For Long-Term Success

While algaecides and herbicides can be effective in providing short-term relief, they are not long-term solutions. Algae and other aquatic weeds can reproduce quickly, making consistent annual management essential for long-term success. The best approach to maintaining a healthy waterbody is through proactive solutions that address underlying water quality issues.

Source Remediation

Lakes and ponds are full of beneficial nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen, but too much of these nutrients can be a threat to the health of your waterbody. Source remediation or nutrient remediation is a natural way to reduce excess nutrient levels and restore a healthy balance. Our aquatic specialists use products like Alum and lanthanum-modified clay to help minimize excess nutrient levels and improve water quality. In addition, biologicals or muck reducers can limit bottom muck, bad odors, cloudiness, and naturally and proactively improve water quality.

Fountains and Aeration

Not only do floating fountains add a touch of beauty to your waterbody, but they can also help aerate the surface of your pond. Tools like surface or submersed aerators can effectively circulate deeper waterbodies and are a great way to ensure dissolved oxygen levels remain balanced and desirable aquatic life has a healthy home.

Vegetative Buffers

Beneficial buffers are one of the most versatile solutions in lake management. Establishing a buffer with native vegetation can prevent shoreline erosion, filter excess nutrients from entering the water, and create a beautiful backdrop for your lake or pond.

Water Quality Testing

Regular water quality testing can help commercial property owners, or managers pinpoint problem areas and stay ahead of potential water quality issues. Each waterbody has its own unique characteristics and physical makeup that can impact how it should be treated. Pond water testing allows us to gain insights into water quality conditions and recommend effective treatment options.

Annual Management Plans

An annual management plan helps ensure that your lake or pond stays beautiful, healthy, and clean year-round. Our programs use a combination of advanced monitoring and lake maintenance strategies to keep conditions in a state of balance. For the best long-term results, contact the experts at SOLitude for your commercial pond management needs.

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SOLitude Lake Management is a nationwide environmental firm committed to providing sustainable solutions that improve water quality, enhance beauty and preserve natural resources.

SOLitude’s team of aquatic scientists specializes in the development and execution of customized lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management programs. Services include water quality testing and restoration, algae and aquatic weed control, installation and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, shoreline erosion control, muck and sediment removal and invasive species management. SOLitude partners with homeowners associations, golf courses, private landowners, businesses and municipalities. SOLitude Lake Management is part of Rentokil, a leading business services company, operating across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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