Lake and Pond Management For Resort Hotels & Casinos

Impress Your Guests with Stunning Waterbodies

Add Elegance to Your CasinoLakes and ponds can add an extra element of elegance to your guests’ hotel resort and casino experience, particularly when those waterbodies are adorned with decorative fountains and lights. While fountains add beauty to your aquatic resources, they also serve to aerate the water which helps to mitigate issues caused by poor water quality. Aeration alone though is not enough to maintain a waterbody. It takes a comprehensive management approach to keep your lake or pond looking beautiful—and to keep your guests coming back. 

Even the most experienced facilities managers understand that caring for their lake or pond themselves is not the way to go. To properly delve into the complexities and specific individual aspects of your hotel resort and casino’s lake or pond, we invite you to take the Deep Dive with our lake and pond management professionals.

Your lake or pond requires a dedicated team of aquatic experts.

From water quality testing, invasive species management and algae control to stormwater inspections, pond aeration and mosquito control, you need a suite of solutions to help you truly achieve balance and long-term, environmentally sustainable results.

SOLitude Lake Management has the Depth Of Expertise to provide those sustainable solutions you need.

Integrate the art and science of aquatic aesthetics.

Enhance Your Casino

From the inherent allure of your lake or pond to the majestic architectural fountains you invest in, your guests deserve a natural environment that captivates the eye and matches the elegance of your hotel resort and casino. But, it’s not just about the beauty. Sound science is also required to achieve that ecologically balanced and well-maintained lake or pond on your property.

Engage SOLitude’s team of biologists, ecologists and environmental scientists who fuse their mastery of the sciences with a passion for the aesthetic to keep your waterbody healthy and beautiful.

Capitalize on an ecologically balanced and sustainable lake and pond management program that rewards you with the peace of mind to know you have a comprehensive, all-inclusive program in place that takes away the burden of management, leaving you with all the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing aquatic ecosystem that is a focal point for your resort.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s really being done?SOLitude shows you how an integrated approach to lake and pond management brings ecological balance to your casino’s aquatic resources
  • What’s the real value?We provide you with true clarity on the sustainable advantages that SOLitude Lake Management brings to your aquatic environment
  • What’s really going on?A focus on the science behind it all – what’s going on below the surface – how all aspects of your site and surrounding watershed affect the management of your lake or pond, and how our sustainable approach works with nature to provide quality results through ecological balance
  • What do you really need?Regular visits that provide continual and proactive lake and pond management and restoration, ensuring that problems are prevented or resolved before they become significant

Enrich your ecosystem. Inspire your guests.

Secure the solutions you need to maintain sustainable and awe-inspiring aquatic resources at your hotel resort and casino with SOLitude. 

Enrich Your Aquatic Habitats