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    Volunteers of the Quarter Collaborate on Lake Restoration Efforts

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jul 30, 2019

    volunteer of the quarter- VOQ - Scott Dye - Errol Walsh-1

    Through SOLitude's volunteering and community outreach program, The SOLution, the company has named Assistant Regional Manager Errol Walsh and Aquatic Specialist Scott Dye as co-Volunteers of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2019. Based in Central Florida, the two have been active through recurring volunteer initiatives benefiting their local community of Seminole County.

    During the second quarter, Errol and Scott have volunteered extensively during weekends and in their personal time with the Seminole Education, Restoration, and Volunteer (SERV) Program, an organization that partners with local biologists, lake residents, and students to complete invasive species pulls, shoreline stabilization projects and other environmental restoration efforts. Collectively, Errol and Scott participated in seven events.

    Errol Walsh, Regional Manager


    Most notably, through his various efforts, Errol helped introduce more than nearly 3,500 beneficial plants in aquatic ecosystems throughout the region, including Grace Lake and English Estates Pond. He also played an integral role in the removal of Chinese tallow trees, water hyacinth, torpedograss and other invasive weeds from these properties, helping to improve the health and longevity of native wildlife habitats. Errol was joined at one of these events by his two teenage daughters, bringing his total volunteer hours to 15 during the second quarter of 2019.


    Scott Dye, Aquatic Specialist 

    Scott dye-web

    Scott’s efforts were also highly impactful. He assisted volunteers in introducing more than 2,250 native shoreline plants like beneficial duck potato, pickerelweed, blueflag iris and other species at multiple waterbodies throughout the region, including Myrtle Lake and Sweetwater Lakes. Likewise, Scott was recently recognized for his dedication as an “Inspiring Volunteer” in the SERV program’s summer newsletter. In total, Scott volunteered a total of 15.5 hours during the second quarter of 2019.

    “I enjoy volunteering at SERV events because I really love being outdoors in nature,” Scott said. “It is a chance to be where I like and I get to meet like-minded people that enjoy the same things.”

    6-15-19 SD and EW and daughters-1

    In 2018, SOLitude staff volunteered more than 3,000 collective hours. Preceding Errol and Scott as Volunteer of the Quarter was Aquatic Ecologist Shannon Junior of Northern Virginia.  

    The SOLution is a company-wide program that encourages the company and all employees to strive to “create a better world” through volunteerism, community outreach, sustainability and environmental consciousness. SOLitude’s company leadership feels it is important to not only be good stewards of the environment and good corporate citizens, but also to fulfill company core values to “take action and be accountable” and to “protect and respect nature.” Click to participate or share a non-profit's goals for consideration in The SOLution.

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