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    SOLitude Supports High School Pond Restoration Project

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jun 21, 2017

    Environmental StewardshipAs part of SOLitude’s commitment to community outreach, members of the company’s Mid-Atlantic team recently joined forces with 30 students from Maple Shade High School to begin a long-term restoration project at Steinhauer Pond in Burlington County, NJ. The pond, located in a park near the school, suffered from poor water quality, a lack of beneficial vegetation and insufficient water circulation.

    Environmental Scientist and Senior Business Development Consultant John Phelps provided ongoing educational expertise for the project, meeting with the students throughout the spring to answer questions about lake and pond management best practices and help them develop a long-term pond restoration plan.

    The program began with a dedicated trash cleanup in March and a beneficial vegetative buffer planting of more than 1,000 plant bulbs in May, where SOLitude’s Director of Marketing Tracy Fleming and Business Development Specialist Shane Edwards provided additional guidance. In 2018, the project will culminate with a native fish stocking

    The SOLutionThroughout early 2017, the students also raised funds for water conservation and for the protection of the critically endangered Panamanian golden frog. The project was an effort to raise awareness about environmental stewardship through the Philadelphia Zoo’s “UNLESS” competition, which empowers students to take action for the well-being of wildlife. Out of more than 1,500 participating students in this year’s competition, the Maple Shade High School class was awarded 1st place for their accomplishments.

    “This was an awesome experience for all of us involved. John and his crew did a wonderful job educating the students and me about each plant species and showed us the proper technique for planting,” said Carmen Lynn, Environmental Educator at Maple Shade High School. “I was happy to see my students so actively engaged in a project that benefits them and the community on so many different levels.”

    "Working with SOLitude was an exciting experience that was just as educational as it was fun," said student Sara Costenbader. "This experience furthered my excitement to pursue a major in environmental sustainability." 

    Environmental stewardship, activism and community involvement are all important facets of The SOLution, SOLitude’s dedicated volunteering and environmental awareness program, which encourages the company and all employees to strive to “create a better world.” To participate or share a non-profit's goals for consideration in The SOLution, contact us today.


    Right: Maple Shade High School students and SOLitude staff rallied around Steinhauer Pond in Burlington County, NJ.

    Left: Director of Marketing Tracy Fleming (with husband Shawn and daughter Kameron), Environmental Scientist and Senior Business Development Consultant John Phelps and Business Development Specialist Shane Edwards.

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