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A Pond In Disrepair After A Long Winter and A Cold Spring - And 2 Weeks Before A Wedding

Most of us rejoice as winter weather fades into spring; we look forward to resuming the activities that were paused during the frigid, snowy months. For lake and pond owners, this often includes spending more time in and around their beautiful waterbodies. But what happens when these aquatic ecosystems fail to naturally flourish like the blossoming flowers and wildlife around it? Sometimes, following unsatisfactory spring conditions, waterbodies need a kickstart to continue meeting goals. This was one property owner’s experience – and he needed urgent action to ensure expectations were met ahead of an event of a lifetime.

How to Prevent Algae & Weed Growth

Plant overgrowth, algae, muck – and 2 weeks until a wedding

It’s not every day that your daughter gets married, but when she does, you want to make sure the wedding is a beautiful one. This property owner found himself in a distressing predicament as his pond thawed out from a long winter and quickly developed into a weedy, mucky mess during a cold, rainy spring. In just two weeks, his daughter planned to hold her ceremony next to the waterbody, but it was far from presentable.

During this seasonal transition, it’s not unusual for ponds to slip into a state of disorder. After all, all plants, bacteria, fish, and other organisms have been sequestered under ice and snow for months, cut off from vital elements such as sunlight and oxygen. These remain active during the winter, leading to sediment build-up, weed growth, and algae development – all exacerbated by stagnant waters.

The property owner’s pond contained each of these issues. The water was stagnant, murky from high sediment levels, and had mats of algae and plants floating on its surface.

Water Quality Management: Assessment, Implementation, and Monitoring

For almost three decades, SOLitude has helped decision-makers understand the unique needs of their waterbodies and make informed choices that have a lasting positive impact on those who rely on them for recreation, stormwater collection, or in this case, aesthetic beauty. 

When it came to this 0.3-acre pond, our aquatic biologists started with an initial assessment to measure water quality imbalances and identify the plant species and strains of algae that overtaken the ecosystem. Working under the owner’s tight two-week deadline, as well as local and state regulations, the team formulated a custom strategy to restore the aesthetic condition of the pond, in tandem with kickstarting its waters into working order.

Phase 1: Improve Water Clarity & Reduce Nuisance Growth

Phase one of this strategy focused on improving water clarity and treating the combination of duckweed and green algae that covered the pond’s surface. Licensed aquatic experts administered EPA-registered herbicides and algaecides designed to target undesirable species without impacting the growth of beneficial native species. To enhance water quality, the team applied beneficial biological bacteria – “probiotic-like” enzymes that digest organic matter and muck. To further accentuate the beauty of the water, experts applied eco-friendly pond water dye.

Phase 2: Manage Weeds & Algae

For the second phase of the project, the team returned two weeks later with the intention of applying additional herbicide and algicide to treat any remaining plant overgrowth, but upon conducting assessments and water quality tests, it was clear that the first-round treatments were vastly successful. The water was clear of all aquatic nuisances and the bioaugmentation pellets had already improved the clarity of the water.

Phase 3: Implement Long-Term Management

Overall, the pond was in great shape for the upcoming nuptials. Due to this, the team determined that there was no need for further plant treatment but administered additional bioaugmentation pellets to maintain the degradation of odors and muck – an ongoing strategy recommended for many small ponds.

While further management steps were paused for the wedding weekend, the team has taken recurring action to fully restore the pond and help prevent future incidents of plant, algae, and muck build-up. This included aeration installation to prevent stagnant waters and maintenance treatments as needed for plants and algae.

The Final Result: A Beautiful Pond In Working Order

Ultimately, the SOLitude team was able to accurately assess and diagnose the aquatic nuisances this private pond faced and prescribe and execute the correct management methods to revive its water. As part of our monitoring strategy, our aquatic biologists’ altered course when initial treatments for duckweed and algae proved successful, foregoing unnecessary product usage and client costs.

Contact us today to begin designing a management program that meets your short- and long-term goals. We’ll support you every step of the way, so you can create a beautiful, healthy pond that impresses and inspires recreation – or celebration – around the water!

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