Balance Your Body of Water with Beneficial Bacteria

Use Beneficial Bacteria to Bring Balance to Your Waterbody

For centuries, mankind has understood the innate connection between gut health and bodily health. Nowadays, we know that our digestive systems contain trillions of micro-organisms that influence our immune systems, body weight and cognition. When digestive health becomes imbalanced, problems can manifest as skin disorders, weight gain and other complications. Interestingly, the health of lakes and ponds is also dependent on the delicate balance of bacteria and nutrients below the surface. Pond algae, invasive species infestations, poor water quality and other undesirable qualities often signify a lack of necessary micro-organisms to guide the natural processes within the ecosystem.

Promoting Long-Term Bacteria Balance

A holistic treatment approach is often the key to promote long-term wellness in any body—or body of water. Just as humans are encouraged to eat foods containing natural probiotics, like yogurt, to aid with digestion, we recommend the application of natural biological bacteria in lakes, stormwater ponds and reservoirs. This process, which is called biological augmentation, helps facilitate the natural decomposition of muck and sludge that accumulates in waterbodies with excess levels of nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous. These nutrients regularly enter lakes and ponds through stormwater runoff containing grass clippings, pet waste, fertilizers, trash and other pollutants—and can fuel nuisance aquatic plant and algae growth if not properly managed.

Biological products utilize natural microbial and enzyme-enriched components to deplete excess nutrients before they can create undesirable conditions in your waterbody. When utilized properly, these applications can reduce bad odors associated with decay, reduce muck to increase bottom depths and overall volume, improve water clarity and prolong the need for dredging, which is often the costliest project a community will ever face. This, in turn, can help diversify the biological community structure by facilitating the development of “good” algae, diatoms, zooplankton and healthy fish, and improve the long-term beauty and vitality of the waterbody.


Tailored Solutions for Waterbody Wellness

Biological augmentation is an excellent natural management strategy for all types of waterbodies, including irrigation ponds, drinking water reservoirs, stormwater ponds and more. Depending on the issues plaguing the water, your lake management professional may recommend using different forms of probiotic bacteria, including liquid, pellet or powdered applications. Liquid bacteria blends quickly neutralize excessive nutrients that are located within the water column and are considered the most high-performance option. Liquid blends can help to enhance water clarity and quality. Pellet or granular beneficial bacteria applications contain bacteria that naturally settle to the bottom of a lake or pond to reduce organic materials that cause bottom sludge.

Your lake management company will examine your goals in relation to the unique characteristics of your waterbody to help determine the rate and frequency needed to effectively achieve the desired outcome. It’s important to always work with a professional to ensure any products utilized are supported by scientific data with proven claims. Biological augmentation can be extremely effective at promoting favorable conditions in your waterbody throughout the growing season, and the positive results can be further enhanced when paired with other proactive solutions like aeration, buffer management, regular water quality testing, mechanical harvesting and hydro-raking, and nutrient remediation. When used together, these strategies make up a holistic management plan that naturally improves the decomposition process, reduces the need for potentially costly herbicide or algaecide treatments, and proactively strengthens the health of your aquatic ecosystem for years to come.

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