Creating Thriving Fisheries for Private Ranches

Turn Your Ranch's Lake Into A Private Oasis

From hunting and recreation to farming and raising livestock, we know that your land has many uses. And, likewise, we know that your property’s waterbody is a valuable asset. Your private lake or pond may be utilized for irrigation or as a source of water for livestock. It also may be used for recreation where family and friends can gather to fish, swim, hunt waterfowl or simply relax.

We understand how important your ranch is to you, and we want to help you create a space you can be proud of. Whether you want to reel in big bass every day or sit out on the dock and enjoy the view, we are here to help make your vision a reality.

Grow Big Fish with Comprehensive Fisheries Management Plans

SOLitude’s dedicated fishery biologists provide you with a detailed, site-specific Fisheries Management Plan that enhances your resources and provides value-added recreational options for your lakes and ponds:

  • Fisheries management surveys and assessments for water quality, habitat, and species allow you to have a tailor-made program that fits your specific site conditions and circumstances.
  • Fish stocking services designed to support your goals, using the highest quality fish with the best genetics, superior health, and premium sizes.
  • An integrated approach to fisheries management that leverages the latest technology, respected resources, and renowned industry experts to create a world-class fishery.
  • The highest-quality, most environmentally safe lake and pond products that set you up for high-quality results with long-term sustainability

Enrich your ecosystem. Give life to your property. Secure the solutions you need to maintain a thriving, sustainable fishery.

How We Help You Achieve Your Dream Lake

The various uses of your private lake or pond dictate how it should be managed, and this can be a real challenge for even the most seasoned ranch owners. With our team of experts and the latest innovations in lake and pond management, we are able to better manage and restore your land’s waterbodies using effective solutions that help keep your water healthy and functional for its many uses.

Lakes and ponds are nutrient sinks, meaning that they collect nutrients faster than they can get rid of them. Excess nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen can cause algae blooms, poor water clarity and foul odors, while also being harmful to aquatic life. Nutrient loading in lakes and ponds is typically the result of runoff, and ranch owners in particular should be aware of several common factors that lead to excess runoff.

Excess runoff on ranches may be the result of...

  • Overstocking or overgrazing livestock
  • Livestock feeding stations located upstream of the lake or pond
  • Livestock pens in the watershed
  • Pasture and field fertilization
  • Mowing habits
  • Bird rookeries
  • Excessive erosion upstream or immediately adjacent to the waterbody

Even when sources of nutrients have been curtailed, the years of accumulation of phosphorus in bottom sediments can continue to degrade water quality well into the future. Water quality monitoring, testing, and restoration are the backbone of an integrated lake or pond management program. The aquatic biologists at SOLitude are ready to develop a prescription water quality restoration program that is tailored to your specific needs.

Offering Innovative Solutions to Improve Ranch Waterbodies

Beyond Fisheries Management services, we are happy to provide a suite of innovative solutions that proactively manage your waterbody so you can focus on other aspects of your ranch. Take your lake to the next level with these sustainable solutions:



Submersed aerators utilize a weather-protected on-shore compressor to pump air through a subsurface tube that releases bubbles from the bottom of a lake or pond. As the bubbles rise, they carry the low oxygen water from the bottom towards the surface. This solution is an excellent tool to help improve water quality.

ranch owners - markets served - scenic lake and pond - private land owners (2) aeration and fountains

Floating Fountains

We offer installation, service, and warranty support for all of the top brands of lake and pond floating founds. We offer a complete line of AquaMaster®, Vertex, Aqua Control, Kasco, Bearon Aquatics, and Otterbine fountains that will help improve water quality and aesthetics.


Water Quality Testing and Restoration

An array of scientific tests are conducted to check a waterbody's vitals and establish an initial baseline of health including pH, alkalinity, color, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Water quality data helps our aquatic experts determine the best solutions to improve the health of your lake or pond.

shoreline-erosion-restoration-sox (1)

Shoreline Erosion Management

We offer a variety of unique shoreline erosion control solutions that halt sedimentation and restore damaged banks. This innovative technology is comprised of a patented photodegradable knitted mesh system that can be utilized to repair shoreline erosion damage.



The hydro-rake clears accumulations of unconsolidated muck and debris (i.e. decaying leaves, peat, etc.) from lake and pond bottoms. This natural solution can also be used to control aquatic weed growth.


Algae and Aquatic Weed Control

Our lake and pond professionals utilize the most advanced products and practices for lake weed control and algae treatment solutions help eliminate toxic algae and nuisance aquatic weed growth.


Nutrient Remediation

Nutrient remediation is a natural management strategy utilized to reduce excess nutrient levels in lakes and ponds. Products like Phoslock, Alum, and EutroSORB help limit water quality imbalances by binding and removing excess nutrients.

Utilize Buffer Zones as a Preventative Pond Maintenance Tool

Beneficial Buffer Management

Beneficial buffers not only add beauty to your lake or pond but prevent shoreline erosion and help filter out excess nutrients from entering the water column. Buffers should be comprised of native grasses and flowering species that extend 3-5ft or more from the water’s edge, within the littoral zone.



Increase the depth of your waterbody while removing sediment and muck buildup with dredging. With this solution, you can reset the lifespan of your lake or pond and implement proactive solutions for a healthier waterbody in the future.

Annual Management Plans

Get worry-free management, year-round. With an annual management plan, our experts will monitor your waterbody throughout the year and implement proactive solutions to help you reach your waterbody's goals.

You Can Have the Best Ranch In Town

We are ready to help you create a beautiful place where you can retreat to relax and play. Schedule a free assessment today and our experts will help you determine which solutions to implement to help you grow big fish while maintaining a balanced aquatic environment.

Excellent Results Made My Choice Easy

If you’d like to manage your waters professionally – then the best choice is SOLitude Lake Management. If you fish, then it’s more important. I had the good fortune to fish a property managed by SOLitude BEFORE I needed a pond management company…those excellent results made my final choice easy. They care and it shows. 

Carlton Howard, Private Landowner

Raleigh, NC

Outstanding Results

“We appreciate that a management program was developed that fits within our budget and that the fisheries biologists at SOLitude are available to talk with us when we have questions. The fish survey SOLitude completed for us, the recommendations on slot sizes, and the stocking and feeding program that were developed are producing outstanding results. Our club’s fishery is in the best condition it has ever been!”

John McCracken. President, Cohoke Fishing Club

West Point, VA

SOLitude Helps Community Define Vision & Achieve Goals

As the manager of wetlands and open water for my community, I work with SOLitude Lake Management closely. They have helped us define our vision and achieve our goals. Every wetland area and body of water has different uses and different needs. SOLitude understands that and ensures those needs are met all the while keeping the budget in mind. We have annual fishing tournaments and they come out and talk with the anglers, explaining what we’ve done during the past year and what our future steps will be. Management of wildlife and waters is an ongoing and long term commitment, SOLitude understands this. They have a dedicated staff that not only manages these areas but also helps educate their clients.

Robert Payne

Chair Open Waters & Wetland Committee, HOA of Brookside, Warrenton, VA

December 8, 2014

Our Club’s Fishery Is In the Best Condition Its Ever Been

Once again, thank you to David Beasley and SOLitude for all your help at Cohoke Fishing Club. Our hydrilla problem is practically non-existent now. The fish survey you completed for us, the recommendations on slot sizes, and the stocking and feeding program you developed are producing outstanding results. Our club’s fishery is in the best condition it has ever been! Your presentation to our stockholders at our annual meeting was extremely well received. We are getting ready to enhance our fish attractors as suggested.

We appreciate that a management program was developed that fits within our budget and that you are available to talk with us when we have questions. We look forward to continuing our association with David Beasley and SOLitude.

John McCracken

President, Cohoke Fishing Club, West Point, VA

February 23, 2015

Our Fish Are Thriving

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the results of the algae treatment. We noticed a huge improvement very quickly, and at this point the pond looks really, really great. Also, the fish are thriving – some of the bass are over a foot, and the blue gills have also gotten big. We are just thrilled.

Thank you so much for your responsiveness.

Gwen Goodkin

Private Landowner, Charlottesville, VA

June 16, 2015

Thriving, Fish-Filled Ecosystem

In one season, SOLitude Lake Management turned the two lakes on my Virginia property from dead, weed-infested, eyesores into thriving, fish-filled, ecosystems – and they have maintained them as such ever since!

Angus Yates

Private Landowner, Middleburg, VA

September 17, 2015

Excellent Pond and Fisheries Management Advice!

After I had to drain my pond in 2010 to fix the dam, I took the opportunity to start from scratch. I did online research and subscribed to Pond Boss Magazine and restocked in 2011 with the equally important goals of creating a trophy bass fishery and a “guaranteed catch” bluegill pond for my eventual grandchildren. I contacted SOLitude to begin feeding the bluegill and to begin an electroshocking program to help guide my long-term management. Two years after my original stocking, we electroshocked for the first time. I was very surprised to find that the predator to prey ratio was dangerously lopsided and my pond goals were headed toward failure. Based on the electroshock survey and Dave Beasley’s advice, I restocked 10,000 more larger bluegill. Now I have 3 feeders feeding 3 times a day while the water is warm. My friends call me when they have “Daddy day” because they know they can come to my pond and their kids will catch bluegill bigger than my hand until they get tired of it. After 4 years, the bass are reaching 6 pounds and in an hour enough heavy bass can be caught that would beat a full-day’s fishing on any lake in the region.

Dave Beasley has always been available to answer questions and give prompt advice. Without SOLitude and Dave Beasley, despite all my research, my pond would be in an ever-worsening downward spiral. Now SOLitude and annual electrofishing surveys to keep me on track are a permanent part of my pond management plan.

Marc Daymude

Private Landowner, Cameron, NC

October 7, 2015

What A Great Company!

When looking online for a new fish feeder, we had unpleasant experiences with two local fisheries. I decided to call a feeder manufacturer in San Antonio, who recommended SOLitude Lake Management. They were terrific! Paul Dorsett called me directly and was so kind and helpful. He arranged a feeder to be delivered and set up for us. Although Paul was out of town, he sent his “ace” out, Ryan Young. Ryan and Alex Harrison were efficient, answered all questions and were very nice young men. Paul even followed up to make certain that everything went smoothly. What a great company! Customer service is what it’s all about these days and SOLitude Lake Management knows exactly that.

Cindy & Jim Bandy

Private Landowners, Centerville, TX

August 22, 2016

Educated and Helpful Team

I wanted to take this opportunity to say how amazing Cory Smith has been with my new ranch. I have two ponds that have never been managed and he has helped me put a plan together. We have added fish, fish feeders and even planned changing the size of the lakes. He has been an amazing asset to have. He loves his job which makes it enjoyable to email and text him to ask questions. He is a huge help and always provides an amazing amount of information. I appreciate all his help! He is an invaluable asset to your team and me!

Courtney Lindley

Private Landowner, Eustace, TX

May 15, 2017

In Awe of SOLitude’s Knowledge

I want to thank you all for coming out to Fort Pickett and for an excellent report and meeting. SOLitude’s knowledge about the industry and all of the different species, habitat and needs was impressive. Between Brandon and myself, I think we were both sitting there with our mouths open in awe of SOLitude’s command of the subject. You all really know your species and their requirements. It was excellent!

Ken Oristaglio

Fort Pickett, Blackstone, VA

June 7, 2017

Proof Is In The Pudding

Paul Dorsett and the rest of the team at SOLitude have done an absolutely wonderful job in helping us to create Lake Willis! In just a few short years we have gone from having just a few baitfish and perch, to catching a nearly 9-pound bass (our new record). Now if we could just have more time to fish as recommended, we could take out the 300 fish that need to come out. As far as we are concerned, we followed SOLitude’s recommendations and our fish have averaged growing of 2 pounds per year…proof is in the pudding! Thank you, Paul. I look forward to seeing you and your team again soon.

Weston Willis and Family

Private Landowner, Abilene, TX

June 9, 2017

Could Not Be More Pleased

Logan Cowan has for the last year or so been the person I work with on my ponds. I could not be more pleased with his work. He works hard, is always on time, he calls and keeps me informed, he explains the pros and cons of treatment alternatives, etc. I could go on. Bottom line – this young man is an asset to your company. Keep him and promote him. Thank you for all you do for me.

Billy Payne

Private Landowner, Navasota, TX

July 3, 2017

Truly Valuable Investment

We began with two small lakes that were never managed 10 years ago. With SOLitude’s help and expertise we expanded both lakes from 2 acres to 6 acres and began a monthly management program. We went from a spotty fish population to trophy bass with some over 10 pounds! SOLitude is efficient and really cares about the lake ecosystem. Seeing my three-year-old granddaughter catch her first bass makes the investment truly valuable. Thanks SOLitude.

Ric Campo

Private Landowner, Houston, TX

October 12, 2017

Frustrating to 100% Fishable

When we hired SOLitude, our 12-acre lake was about 1/3 full of lily pads and hydrilla which were frustrating to the fish. Within 4-6 months, the lake became 100% fishable and the coloring and bloom were much more attractive. The recent addition of 8 or so built brush piles has added much needed structure for bait fish and is now a great target that is producing bass on every other cast! A very common afternoon will produce 100 fish a day. Cory Smith and Stan Smith’s team communicates well and we feel confident that a game plan is in place form year to year.

Darrell Hernandez

Private Landowner, Athens, TX

April 5, 2018

The Best Choice Is SOLitude Lake Management

If you’d like to manage your waters (or watershed) professionally – then the best choice is SOLitude Lake Management. If you fish, then it’s the more important. I had the good fortune to fish a property managed by SOLitude BEFORE I needed a pond management company…those excellent results made my final choice easy. I’m sure that every firm is good – but if the phrase “by fishermen for fishermen!” rings true with you – then there is one choice: SOLitude Lake and Pond Management. They care and it shows.

Carlton Howard III

Private Landowner, Raleigh, NC

June 18, 2018

Our club’s fishery is in the best condition it has ever been!

We appreciate that a management program was developed that fits within our budget and that the fisheries biologists at SOLitude are available to talk with us when we have questions. The fish survey SOLitude completed for us, the recommendations on slot sizes, and the stocking and feeding program that were developed are producing outstanding results. Our club’s fishery is in the best condition it has ever been!

John McCracken 

President, Cohoke Fishing Club, West Point, VA

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