Winter Management

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Winter Lake and Pond Management Tips

SOLitude Lake Management wants to be certain that your lake or pond is prepared for the coming year. With this in mind, we recommend that you consider the following during the winter months:

Is Your Lake or Pond Ready for Winter?

  • Review your lake and pond budget and replacement reserve funds to ensure that funds are available for bathymetry to determine if and when you will have a need for hydro-raking or dredging.
  • Evaluate your waterbody to determine if you need to add aeration to meet your management goals and objectives for the new year, and don’t forget to schedule annual maintenance and service for your existing fountains and aeration systems this winter.
  • Think ahead to spring and pesky mosquitoes. Keep them at bay by setting up an Integrated Mosquito Management plan to include surveillance, source reduction, larviciding, fish stocking, monitoring, and more. Don’t forget! Floating fountains can help naturally reduce mosquito-breeding habitats in your pond.
Winter Fountain

Evaluate Your Shoreline This Winter

  • If you have not been maintaining the vegetative buffer along the shoreline and the sloped areas adjacent to your lake or pond, schedule thinning of the vegetation in these areas. This is also a great time of year to assess any erosion damage along your shoreline. If you notice areas of concern, an aquatic expert can discuss restoration solutions like SOX systems.
  • Failure of your stormwater pond is never an option. Winter is a great time to conduct a structural inspection to ensure your pond is functioning properly.

Get Prepared for the Return of Warm Weather

  • Start working on your new fisheries goals! Have a Fisheries Biologist devise a custom Fisheries Management Plan that works within your budget and timeframe. By the time Spring arrives, you can have a plan in place to build a thriving fishery.
  • Consult with a Fisheries Biologist to set the groundwork for an annual youth fishing tournament or environmental education day. The winter is a great time to plan for future events that can bring your community together. Show off your productive fishery with a family-friendly fishing tournament!
  • Consider long-term, sustainable solutions through nutrient remediation or biological augmentation. Finding the root cause of water quality issues is always preferred. Take this time to consider natural solutions like Alum, Phoslock, or EutroSORB to manage excess nutrients in the Spring.

Prepare Now. Enjoy Beautiful Water This Spring!

Planning ahead will always give you the best results when it comes to lake and pond management. Taking the time to evaluate your waterbody this winter will help you determine which management solutions you should plan for in the Spring and Summer. Speak to an Aquatic Specialist today to schedule your winter maintenance.

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Build Your Winter Maintenance Plan

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