Sustainable Solutions for Ponds

Effective & Custom Annual Pond Management Programs

No matter the size of your pond, an annual management plan helps maintain the health and beauty of your waterbody all year long. Professional management plans also take away the guesswork when it comes to the future of your property, and allow you to delay and even prevent enormous costs that are often associated with pond dredging. Instead, you can rest easy knowing your waterbody is receiving the best-customized care on a regular basis.

Shoreline Management

Shoreline management should never be overlooked. It is one of the most important aspects of a healthy pond. Proper buffer management, erosion control, and shoreline stabilization maintenance are not only aesthetic enhancers, they help prepare your waterbody for the harsh effects of erosion and protect excess nutrients from entering the water column.

Pond Aeration

An important part of pond management is providing an oxygen-rich environment within the pond. This is where a high-quality and properly sized pond aeration system comes into play. Depending on your waterbody goals, your pond manager may recommend a floating fountain, a solar pond aerator, a submersed diffused system, or even nanobubble aeration for the elimination of algae and pollutants.

Nutrient Remediation

In suitable quantities, nutrients are beneficial—and necessary—for ponds to flourish. Pond nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen occur in natural levels within waterbodies thanks to fish waste and decomposing aquatic plants, but too much of a good thing may threaten the health and appearance of the aquatic ecosystem and increase the likelihood of water quality issues such as toxic algae blooms. Nutrient remediation products like Phoslock, Alum, or Biochar can help prevent these issues.

Biological Augmentation

Over time, ponds begin to fill in because of the natural breakdown of organic matter in the water which causes a buildup of bottom sludge and contributes to poor water quality. Microbial and enzyme-enriched products can aid in the maintenance of healthy aquatic ecosystems. These naturally occurring microorganisms efficiently metabolize excess pond nutrients and breaks down organic matter that might ordinarily prohibit the freshwater exchange needed for an optimal environment, thus preventing many typical water quality problems.

Water Quality Testing

Whether your pond is enjoyed for swimming, fishing, or simply its scenic view, it’s important to keep the water clean and free of harmful pollutants and toxins. The following water quality parameters can be tested during an on-site consultation: water color and odor, algae presence, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and alkalinity. Your pond manager can use the resulting data to develop a personalized management plan for your waterbody.


Hydro-raking is a widely used and effective technique for selective removal of nuisance, rooted vegetation. The hydro-rake is also used to clear accumulations of unconsolidated bottom muck and debris (i.e. decaying leaves, peat, etc.). Removing plants and debris will help to reduce the overall nutrient load, minimizing common water quality issues like low dissolved oxygen, foul odors, and nuisance algae blooms. Hydro-raking can be used to help prolong costly dredging.


A mechanical aquatic vegetation cutter or harvester can be used to achieve “area selective” control of nuisance aquatic vegetation. Mechanical harvesting is well-suited for clearing large areas of nuisance vegetation or cutting channels through dense vegetation to enhance recreational access. Aquatic weed harvesting services can be performed for many different species of vegetation but is most effective for plants that form a dense surface canopy like water chestnut or water hyacinth.

Fish Stocking

Your pond provides a great opportunity to bond with your family or kids over the enjoyment of nature and fishing. To help ensure easy, productive fishing throughout the warmer months, consider stocking target fish species such as Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, and Channel Catfish. And cold water fish, like Trout, make a great seasonal addition for some fun and easy winter fishing.

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