Invasive Pond Weed Bladderwort

Nuisance Pond Weed Highlight: Bladderwort

Bladderwort (Utricularia spp.) is a genus of carnivorous aquatic plants consisting of more than 200 species. The submersed free-floating plants utilize bladder-like traps (0.2mm-1.2cm) to capture small prey, including mosquito larvae. Hundreds of traps cover the plant’s 4- to 10-inch stem, which can be topped by yellow or lavender flowers.

bladderwort, nuisance pond weed

Due to its lack of roots, Bladderwort grows in dense, complex mats, which can limit water circulation, crowd out native vegetation and cause bad odors to develop in an aquatic ecosystem. Bladderwort propagates via seed and fragmentation, making management a challenge.

SOLitude has successfully managed bladderwort infestations in marshes, wetlands and other delicate ecosystems using EPA-approved herbicides. Management is always paired with proactive strategies to reduce free-radical phosphorous, limit future nutrient loading, enhance water quality, and improve other parameters that impact nuisance aquatic plant growth. As with any challenge, proactive management is key to the long-term health of the ecosystem.

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