Now Available: Free Webinars, Resources on the Dangers of Toxic Algae

May 2nd, 2018

Harmful Algal Blooms

In recent years, cities have made headlines for outbreaks of toxins stemming from Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) in lakes, stormwater ponds and reservoirs. In addition to being unsightly, these blooms and the neuro-toxins they can produce are suspected to have links to diseases like ALS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. They are also responsible for various taste and odor producing compounds that plague many of our drinking water reservoirs. SOLitude Lake Management, an environmental firm dedicated to improving lives through ecological education, is hosting a free informational webinar focused on methods to properly identify toxic algal blooms and sustainable strategies to prevent them from developing in our community waterbodies this summer.

The free webinar, 10 Tips to Prevent Deadly Toxic Algae, will take place on Thursday, May 10 at 3pm EST. Attendees must register by Friday, May 4.The educational webinar will be hosted by three industry experts and SOLitude leaders with extensive experience managing nuisance and toxic algal blooms: Kevin Tucker, Chief Executive Officer; Marc Bellaud, President; and Chris Doyle, Director of Biology.

The webinar follows the recent release of new free informational guides through the company’s online “Knowledge Bank,” which offers a wealth of freshwater management education and resources at no cost. Community associations, property owners, developers, golf course managers and municipalities concerned about the proper management of their waterbodies may access comprehensive reports focused on eco-friendly lake and stormwater pond management topics.

Three new reports are available for download: 

Toxic Algae GuideA guidebook that offers safety recommendations and tips for the accurate detection and prevention of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

All About AerationA report that provides options for customized lake and pond aeration that encourages a beautiful, balanced aquatic ecosystem.

Mechanical 101A detailed look at sustainable nuisance aquatic vegetation management and accumulated sediment removal through harvesting, hydro-raking and dredging.

“Community outreach and education is the cornerstone of our company mission,” CEO Kevin Tucker said. “We feel strongly that the public should have access to cutting-edge information to help them make informed and responsible water quality management decisions. We hope that with these resources in hand, individuals and organizations can join us in our quest for a better tomorrow.”

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