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Navigating the Permitting Process and Developing Your Annual Lake Management Plan in New England

Picture this – the snow and cold weather are finally gone and that warm summer breeze has returned. You and your family are gearing up for a day on the water filled with boating, swimming, and fishing. As you head down to the lake, you notice algae covering the surface and invasive aquatic weeds spreading throughout the water. What was supposed to be a beautiful day on the lake has been ruined by unsightly water quality issues. How can you prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality? Be proactive.

Whether you own or manage a large recreational lake or a small stormwater pond, water quality issues can be detrimental to your waterbody’s functionality and aesthetics. We know how difficult it is to maintain healthy water quality. That’s why our lake management professionals partner with community managers, private landowners, golf course superintendents, and municipalities to help them maintain beautiful, clean water that all can enjoy.

Why is Lake Management Permitting Needed in New England

Maintaining healthy water isn’t easy and it requires regular maintenance and monitoring by lake management professionals. Without ongoing management, waterbodies can become inundated with organic matter, sediment, debris, and other pollutants that can cause aesthetic, ecological, and functional problems.

Implementing sustainable solutions like submersed aerators, floating fountains, nutrient remediation, and shoreline restoration tools can help you maintain balanced water quality. When water quality is balanced, problems like algal blooms, foul odors, and invasive aquatic weeds are less likely to develop. It’s important to note that in order to implement these solutions in New England, you must acquire the appropriate permits from local authorities.

Understanding the Permitting Process

Lake and pond owners located in New England are probably familiar with permitting. Permits must be obtained for many different types of environmental work, including the annual management of waterbodies. Violations of regulatory requirements can be severe, ranging from steep fines to liens against a property.

Unfortunately, the permitting process can be confusing and downright frustrating! Partnering with aquatic professionals with years of experience in lake and pond management permitting can alleviate these frustrations and help ensure you meet all requirements within the correct timeframes.

When Do I Need to Start the Lake Management Permitting Process

The window of time to apply for an annual management permit in New England is narrow – typically December through March, and it can take up to 2 months to complete. It’s essential to plan ahead and start speaking with a lake management professional about your management plan in November or December. If you miss the permit deadlines, you will not be able to implement your management program until the following year, leaving your lake or pond at risk of water quality issues this summer. 

Permitting is unavoidable, but when partnering with a lake management company, you can relax knowing your aquatic expert is working diligently to help you complete the necessary applications and steps. Don’t fall behind – winter is the time to kick off the permitting process and set your waterbody up for continued success.

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SOLitude’s team of aquatic scientists specializes in the development and execution of customized lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management programs. Services include water quality testing and restoration, algae and aquatic weed control, installation and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, shoreline erosion control, muck and sediment removal and invasive species management. SOLitude partners with homeowners associations, golf courses, private landowners, businesses and municipalities. SOLitude Lake Management is part of Rentokil, a leading business services company, operating across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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