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Lake Fountains & Waterfalls in California

In the Golden State, fitting in means standing out. This can apply to many things, including lakes and ponds. The possibilities are endless when it comes to cultivating a bold and beautiful waterbody. While the standards of beauty may change over time, nothing can beat the timeless allure of lake fountains and waterfalls that add light, dimension, and elegance to any property.

HOAs, golf courses, universities, resorts, commercial developers, corporate campuses, wineries, and municipalities throughout Northern California can choose from many different types of lake fountain and waterfall designs based on their goals, budget, and aesthetic needs. Some systems create cascading water effects while others create mesmerizing, symmetrical patterns that burst across the water’s surface. Each can provide stand-alone beauty or can be paired with others for a more commanding presence.

Lake & Pond Fountain Lighting Options

To further enhance lake and pond fountains and decorative water structures, stakeholders may choose to integrate halogen or LED lighting elements. These light systems ensure your fountains draws attention day to night. Colors can also be changed to reflect annual holidays, events, or sports teams. Floating pond fountains are an investment that can operate successfully for many years when professional inspections and maintenance take place on a recurring basis.

Custom Water Features for Northern California Properties

Much like floating fountains, architectural waterfalls and water features can be introduced to California lakes and ponds as a decorative focal point—or can be constructed in the middle of city centers, indoor hotels and shopping centers, or other high-traffic areas. They are completely customized to your property and may even include ultraviolet light features for water sterilization. The design and installation process can be complex, but once in place these structures are fairly simple and cost-effective to maintain.

Pond Waterfall Feature

Lake Fountains & Waterfalls - More Than Just Looks…

Looks are important, but they aren’t everything in California waterbodies. Water must also be healthy. Lake fountains and waterfalls provide functional benefits like circulation and dissolved oxygen transfer, which help prevent the conditions that lead to weed, algae, and toxic cyanobacteria growth, but they should be supplemented by other solutions that mitigate excess nutrients and pollutants, support fish, zooplankton and beneficial bacteria, and reduce the risk of shoreline erosion and muck development. Professionals recommend starting with lake water quality testing to learn what’s going on below the surface of the waterbody. Aquatic experts can then use this information to maintain the health, beauty, and functionality of your waterbody for years to come.

Discover the Benefits of Aeration

Add A Fountain or Waterfall Feature to Your Property

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