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    Toxic Algae Control at Large Business Park
    Aquatic Weed and Algae Control Case Study

    Location and Acreage:
    San Ramon, CA | 9.5-acres

    Project Timeframe: 
    May - June 2020

    Project Manager:
    Ben Chen, Biologist    

    Site Description:
    This property is a large business park in San Ramon, CA. More than 600 tenants are located on the campus, including Chevron, Bank of the West, PG&E, Robert Half International, Ford Motor Company, SAP, General Electric, and JPMorgan Chase. Over 30,000 employees work at this business park.

    The unique campus is surrounded by a 9.5-acre lake that provides aesthetic value and stormwater collection. However, the lake had become overrun with problematic growth, which detracted from the beauty and high-end feel of the property.


    Scope of Work:
    Algae management with a carefully balanced and targeted approach.

    Project Description:
    Upon visiting the site, SOLitude’s experts identified periphyton growing on chara. Chara is a beneficial plant that can help keep water clear; periphyton is a combination of algae, heterotrophic microbes, detritus and cyanobacteria that attach to submerged surfaces. In addition, we had also identified the filamentous cyanobacteria known as Oscillatoria spp., which was lifting mats of chara and floating to the surface, creating a visual nuisance and potentially becoming worse if left unchecked.

    It was important to design an effective management approach for undesirable algae species while also preserving the desirable aquatic plant species. Given that chara is sensitive to algaecides such as copper, we had to get creative.

    The first step to restoring balance in the aquatic ecosystem was to add lake dyes designed to reduce Oscillatoria growth by limiting the amount of light in the water column. This dye treatment was highly effective and resulted in a 75% reduction in nuisance algae, as well as some periphyton, within 4 days.

    Next, we addressed the remaining floating periphyton. We applied a very low, carefully-balanced dose of algaecide to the floating mats using a high-pressure power spray, which eliminated the remaining growth over the course of a few days. Furthermore, our treatments were sufficiently targeted to avoid negatively impacting the sensitive chara. The client was very pleased with the results.

    Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control
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