Case Study: Installing Water Features at Luxury Complex

Scope of Work

The goal was to build two granite water features designed to provide ambiance to the central courtyard area of a modern complex and encourage residents to relax outdoors and meet their neighbors. The design and placement of the feature and the granite boulders aimed to create a natural environment in a very metropolitan building. This project presented challenges in design as well as the coordination of material delivery and placement.

Project Description

SOLitude was contracted to construct this water feature in a timeframe of three months. As is often the case with commercial construction, we worked diligently to complete the project before the permit for occupancy was awarded to the general contractor, Toll Brothers Construction.

The granite material used to construct the water features was secured from various quarries. The delivery and placement at the project site required optimal coordination between our crews and other contractors to ensure there were no additional costs or delays in the completion of the project.

water feature

Water features were constructed on second floor courtyards, which separated two buildings. The labor consisted of building two concrete basins to contain submersible pumps, auto fills and overflow for core-drilled granite stone weighing 15,000 lbs. Additional granite slabs and stone were placed on and around the basin to tie into the existing courtyard design. 18 large boulders were also craned into position and precisely placed on and around each feature. The completed structure was comprised of approximately 50,000 lbs. of granite.

Designed and Developed by Peak Seven