Case Study: Repairing Eroded Shorelines on New Jersey Pond

Restoring 1,800 Linear Feet of Pond Shoreline with Erosion Repair Technology

This community in New Jersey has two ponds located at the entrance of the neighborhood. Unfortunately, both ponds were severely eroded and became an eyesore at the front of the community. The eroded shorelines were also threatening the integrity of the fence that bordered the ponds.

For two years, the community looked at various erosion control options. They researched riprap, coir logs, gabion baskets, and other bank softening techniques. After years of consideration, the community finally decided to install a bioengineered living shoreline that would both regain lost land and have a natural appearance.

  • Before & After The Bioengineered Living Shoreline System

Executing the Erosion Repair Technology

The project commenced in the fall of 2024. Prior to the installation of the system, the shrubs along the shoreline were cleared by the team to provide a clear and clean shoreline. The next step involved laying out a durable mesh material and anchoring it to the stable part of the shoreline.

Once secured, the mesh material was filled with 800 cubic yards of imported sandy material to complete the process. Lastly, the system was sodded over to promote a natural-looking living shoreline.


A Successful Bioengineered Living Shoreline Install

Our crew worked for four weeks to install the system on both ponds. As a result, we were able to restore 1,800 linear feet of shoreline!

By reclaiming the land and stabilizing the banks of the two ponds, the community not only enhanced the overall appearance but also mitigated the liability risks associated with the previously unstable banks. This not only made the ponds more aesthetically pleasing but also provided a safer environment for the community to enjoy.

  • Enhancing A Community Pond

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