Fall Lake & Pond Fountain Maintenance

Pond Fountain Maintenance Tips & Repair Options for the Fall

As summer transitions into fall, many people begin preparing their properties for the cooler temperatures ahead. Changing out air filters, sealing doors and windows, and clearing yard debris are just a few important tasks that can help preserve the condition and comfort of your home all winter long. For those who manage or own a waterbody, fall is also an opportune time to complete annual maintenance activities and repairs for lake and pond fountains.

How Fountains Benefit Waterbodies In the Fall & Winter

In southern states like Florida, pond fountains can be operated all year long to circulate and oxygenate the water column. In the winter, this equipment can limit mild ice formation, preserving healthy, open water for waterfowl and fish – particularly if they have been introduced as part of a fall stocking program. Maintaining balanced dissolved oxygen levels throughout the winter can also help ensure bottom materials continue to decompose efficiently. However, in regions that experience severe freezing, professionals recommend removing and storing equipment such as pond fountains – typically starting in December – to prevent damage to essential components.

Fountain Maintenance: Oil and Seals Change

Whether or not the fountain in your pond remains in the water or where you’re located around the country, it may be time for an oil and seals change. Like a vehicle, lake and pond fountains contain mechanical components that require recurring maintenance to function correctly. During this process, an Aquatic Expert will remove the fountain from the pond to replace motor oil and conduct an internal inspection of the rotary shaft, electrical components, spray nozzles, and other parts to identify potential leaking, obstructions, or wear. By checking off these maintenance tasks every two to three years, stakeholders can maximize the longevity of pond fountain equipment. 

Utilize the Off-Season to Conduct Repair & Restoration Services

In addition to completing routine lake and pond fountain maintenance, fall may also be an ideal time to conduct other impactful services that might normally interrupt summer recreational activities. Mechanical hydro-raking and dredging are important solutions to physically remove muck, sediment, leaves, and other debris that have accumulated on the bottom over time. If left unmanaged, these materials can clog stormwater equipment and reduce the overall volume of the waterbody, leading to dangerous flooding during the next hurricane or rainstorm. The excess nutrients contained in organic matter may also lead to nuisance algae and weed growth when warm weather returns. Removing these nutrient sources in the fall can help promote a healthier, more beautiful lake or pond come spring.

Likewise, the fall season is an excellent window to trim buffer vegetation and restore deteriorated shorelines with cutting-edge bioengineering techniques that reshape and extend property around the waterbody.

Determine Your Lake Management Goals & Develop A Plan

Finally, fall is an ideal time to evaluate your pond management goals for the coming year, and collaborate with your Aquatic Specialist to develop a roadmap to achieve them. Whether you desire a robust trophy fishery, a safe, clean lake for boating and swimming, or a pond that efficiently collects and filters stormwater, a professional lake and pond manager will help ensure you reach every milestone along the way. Contact us this fall to design an Annual Management Program that’s tailored to your unique waterbody.

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