Shoreline Erosion Management


Budgeting for Shoreline Restoration and Management

Lakes and ponds are essential for stormwater collection, recreation, beauty, and wildlife refuge. But their benefits have an expiration date. Eventually, due to erosion and other aspects of the natural aging process, your lake can become an eyesore and a liability. Lake shoreline restoration projects are inevitable – and sometimes costly – so it’s imperative to get ahead of expenses by calculating an accurate timeline and budget.

We know you cherish your water resources; after all, they can be assets that enhance the value and desirability of your property. We want to help you preserve them for as long as possible through proper planning and maintenance efforts. This starts with understanding the effects of erosion and budget considerations that impact important decisions.

What is shoreline erosion?

Erosion is natural due to wind, rain, and wildlife activity, but can be accelerated through cultural impacts like recreation, landscaping, and construction. It can also look different from one waterbody to the next, from receding or unstable banks to sediment deposits along the shoreline. Ignoring these signs can result in damaged assets and possible liability risks.

No matter your budget, every property deserves access to shoreline erosion solutions. Even if the damage is minimal, such as one-inch dropoffs, it’s possible to get ahead of it through cost-effective means or larger investments.

Guard Your Shoreline with A Vegetative Buffer

An economical solution for shoreline protection is a vegetative buffer containing native plants with deep root systems. When established around the perimeter, beneficial buffers help hold soil in place and slow the flow of stormwater to prevent deterioration. Buffers are also cost-effective to maintain, requiring only routine trimming and monitoring for the growth of undesirable plants.

Repair Shoreline Erosion Damage with SOX Systems

Stakeholders with a greater capacity for budgeting can set aside funds for a SOX System, which is considered to be one of the best tools for shoreline restoration. Using a knit mesh material and bioengineering techniques, experts completely rebuild eroded shorelines by filling the SOX system with organic material and sealing it to prevent future erosion damage. This process helps stabilize the bank and “extend” waterfront property.

Repair Eroded Banks

  • SOX Erosion Systems Install

An Investment Worthwhile

SOX Systems are an investment but can be counted on for many years of stability. Stakeholders do have some flexibility when it comes to budgeting. For example, communities or golf courses with multiple waterbodies can choose to tackle one at a time as funds become available. Or, single ponds on a tighter budget can be repaired in stages, targeting smaller areas that need it most so funds can be stretched over months or years.

Prevent Erosion Damage with Annual Management

Ultimately, one of the best ways to cut costs over time is through an annual management program that incorporates proactive maintenance and professional monitoring services to help slow or prevent erosion and enhance the beauty and value of your property. Experts can also work with you to develop an accurate timeline for future restoration projects, so you can have as much time as possible to prepare financially.

Build A Plant to Protect Your Shoreline

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