SOLitude Lake Management Helps 267 Families Have a Happy Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2020

little gobblers grocery store gift cards

Pictured: Courtney Yogerst (left) and Leslie Bruns (right) at Hillcrest Middle School in Glendale, AZ.

This year, families across the country are struggling emotionally and financially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, SOLitude Lake Management is passionate and proud to provide food and donations to ensure deserving families are able to celebrate a safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving.

This month, SOLitude colleagues successfully provided turkeys and grocery store gift cards to 267 families through Little GOBBLERs, which is one of several community outreach programs that falls under The SOLution—the dedicated charitable arm of the company.

little gobblers deliveries

To identify families in need of assistance over the holidays, SOLitude worked with 34 elementary, middle and high schools across the nationwide communities that we serve. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, our teams delivered more than $7,325 worth of resources for school principals and guidance counselors to distribute accordingly.

delivering gift cards in CT

Paul Conti and Drew Felter delivered Little GOBBLERs resources to the School District of Bridgeport, CT. Pictured from left to right SOLitude Aquatic Specialist Drew Felter (SOLitude), SOLitude District Manager Paul Conti, Bridgeport Superintendent Michael Testani, and Coordinator of School Counseling and Parent Partnerships Carli Reaes.

Since the inception of Little GOBBLERs in 2012, SOLitude has donated $43,175 and helped more than 1,850 children and families have a happier Thanksgiving. In addition to the families positively impacted by the program, SOLitude’s colleagues are touched to be a part of the charitable initiative.

“I have been involved in community service since I was 14 delivering meals on wheels in high school,” Florida District Manager Alberto Florez said. “Now, I work for a company that has the same values I have to give back to our community. It is an emotional moment when you hand over the gift cards or the turkeys because the families really appreciate it.”


Pictured: Alberto Florez at Barton Elementary School in Lake Worth, FL.

“This program helps underprivileged families in our community provide their children a nice Thanksgiving meal which they may not have been able to afford on their own,” Colorado District Manager Erin Stewart said. “This year, our efforts are more important than ever since many children are not able to participate in in-person learning and parents may have suffered additional hardships due to the pandemic.”

colorado delivering gift cards

Pictured: Erin Stewart at West Jefferson Elementary School in Conifer, CO.

SOLitude’s leadership team has long prioritized serving our local communities through volunteering and founded The SOLution program in 2012. Since then, SOLitude colleagues have contributed nearly 22,000 collective hours to nonprofits and charitable efforts throughout the country. In addition to the Little GOBBLERs program, SOLitude provides annual gifts to children and families in need through the company’s HOLiday Cheer program.

Click here to learn more about Little GOBBLERs.

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