Maintaining Beautiful Water Features

Professional Services to Protect Your Investment in Architectural Fountains, Waterfalls and Decorative Ponds

Water features of all types add a unique and distinguished element of beauty to your property. Regular maintenance and repair services are the best way to ensure your residents and guests will enjoy a safe and inspiring experience, and to preserve the significant financial investment in these structures.

The professionals at SOLitude are experienced to maintain custom-built water features ranging from glass water-walls to a system of ponds lined with plants. We do so utilizing a scientific knowledge of water quality coupled with sustainable techniques that meet stringent sterilization requirements while avoiding chemicals that can deteriorate the feature and cause costly repairs.

Professional Maintenance of Water Features Helps...

  • Ensure they’re working properly and continuously, serving as beautiful focal points for your community or property.
  • Ensure balanced water quality, limiting the risk of unsightly hard water stains, algae, aquatic weeds and toxic microorganisms.
  • Protect your investment and avoids costly repairs to pumps, stonework and masonry

Maintenance Services & Timing

SOLitude offers a variety of maintenance services for the beauty and longevity of water features. Service intervals vary depending on your particular features. Maintenance services typically include:

  • Cleaning all wetted surfaces to remove stains or discolorations
  • Inspecting and cleaning automatic fill systems, pumps, lighting, filters, and water treatment equipment
  • Removing leaves, dirt and debris
  • Treating any algae, microorganisms or aquatic weeds that may be present
  • Performing water quality tests and sterilization treatments
  • Adjusting mechanical equipment and clock settings for seasonal variations
  • Generating regular reports to re-cap services

Get Started with Your Custom Water Feature Maintenance Plan

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