Invasive Species Management

3 Tools and Technologies For Invasive Species Management

3 Tools and Technologies For Invasive Species Management

All lakes and ponds are susceptible to the growth of nuisance and invasive aquatic plants. Proactive maintenance is key to prevent the invasion of an undesirable plant, but if a species has already taken hold, property owners can successfully manage the growth with a few different mechanical solutions.

Mechanical aquatic weed removal services encompass two distinct management tools and approaches – plant harvesting and hydro-raking. While both provide ecological benefits, it is important to distinguish which option is better suited for the specific management challenges plaguing your lake or pond.

1. Mechanical Harvester

The aquatic weed harvester is a floating barge that cuts and effectively removes nuisance vegetation and algae from the surface of the waterbody. The plant material is collected and then offloaded, either into a container to be transported offsite or to a designated compost area. Mechanical lake weed removal offers an eco-friendly solution that does not create temporary water use restrictions during or after the work. The aquatic weed harvester has been proven effective on water chestnut (Trapa natans), giant salvinia (Salvinia molesta), water soldier (Stratiotes aloides), water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), and a multitude of other species found throughout the country. 

Mechanical Harvesting Explained

2. Hydro-rake

A hydro-rake is also a floating barge run by two hydraulic paddle wheels, but is equipped with a 12-foot hydraulic arm and specialized attachment that is used to rake the pond bottom and remove detritus, organic sediment, and aquatic vegetation that is attached by root systems. The hydro-rake, having no on-board storage, must offload the collected material directly onshore for off-site disposal, or to pair with shoreline restoration efforts using SOX Solutions. This approach has proven effective on a number of aquatic plants such as cattails (Typha sp.), purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria), watershield (Brasenia schreberi), Alligator weed (Alternanthera philoxeroides), and many others.

Hydro-raking can also serve as a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to dredging. If a lake or pond is periodically maintained through hydro-raking, the need to perform a large-scale dredge project may be negated, saving financial resources and prolonging the down-time and ecological disruption in the process.

Both aquatic weed harvesting and hydro-raking collect plant biomass before it decomposes and contributes to the organic muck layer, maintaining or increasing overall water depth. In addition to the plant biomass, these mechanical options remove the associated nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) that contribute to increased plant and algae growth and, potentially, eutrophication.

Restore Depth To Your Waterbody

3. Drone Technology

Mechanical solutions are a highly effective, natural alternative to herbicides, but sometimes it is most beneficial to pair the two approaches. This brings us to our newest “mechanical” technology – drones. Though very different from hydro-rakes and harvesters, drones are extremely beneficial for invasive species surveillance on a project site. The remote operation of a drone allows our teams to refrain from entering delicate or dangerous habitats, enhancing overall safety and project efficiency. 

As needed, highly-maneuverable drones can also be equipped with EPA-registered herbicides for remote application across affected locations. Furthermore, drones can be pre-programmed with flight routes for precise application without impacting non-target areas. When completed together, herbicide applications and mechanical harvesting or hydro-raking can successfully eliminate future invasive plant growth and encourage native plants to reclaim their habitat. 

These paired services are often performed as a multi-year effort, and then followed with a long-term management proactive program that may include nutrient mitigation, aeration and Oxygen Saturation Technology, shoreline restoration, buffer management, and other beneficial solutions. When your waterbody is professionally surveyed and maintained year-round, you can worry less about aesthetics and functionality, and focus more on overall enjoyment of the water with friends, family, and neighbors. 

All About Advanced Drone Technology

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I want you to know that the whole team at SOLitude was tremendous in achieving my dream! Rob, the hydro-rake operator, was phenomenal! I can’t say enough good things. I am so happy that I worked with you guys. The results are just incredible. Many many thanks!

Susan D.

Exeter, RI, Private Landowner

Invasive Weeds Are Under Control

We have been using SOLitude’s services for the past three years for managing the neighborhood lake. Their service is excellent. All type of weeds including water hyacinth is now under control without harming the marine ecosystem. The technician who services the lake always makes sure all individual complaints of the resident are taken care of. Will definitely recommend their service, especially for big ponds and lakes.

Paromita Ganguly

Palm Harbor, FL

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Our Club was more interested in a mechanical removal approach to our weed problem versus a broad-spectrum chemical treatment. Jeff Castellani and his team developed a plan that was well suited for our environmentally sensitive location. The mechanical hydro-raking service that SOLitude provided was the perfect solution and worked very well in our shallow irrigation pond… We look forward to working with Jeff and his professional staff in the coming years.

Tom Colombo

Private Golf Club, Hyannis Port, MA

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