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Keeping large recreational lakes and drinking water reservoirs clean is a challenge, especially when the well-being of individuals is at stake. Communities and lake associations look to their public water managers and association leaders to monitor their waterbodies for public health risks and incorporate lasting solutions such as aluminum sulfate (alum) to help balance water quality. However, with the sheer size of public and private lakes, state permitting laws, and continuous environmental change, this can be costly and time-consuming.

What many leaders and decision-makers may not realize is that millions of dollars in state and federal funding and grant programs are available to ensure safe, clean water is accessible to all. In order to successfully obtain these financial resources, it’s important to understand the complexities of the process.

State grants and funding options

Grant and funding programs vary widely among states; some provide straightforward applications while others require extensive case-by-case evaluation through state agencies. The range and volume of available resources also differ. For example – to name a few – Wisconsin offers up to $200,000 per alum application. Minnesota boasts a yearly environmental fund of over $100 million for various environmental projects. The state of Washington offers up to $50,000 for assessing a lake’s condition. Similarly, other states like Florida operate grant programs addressing Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs), which can be detrimental to the surrounding environment and human health.

Obtaining funding for your water quality restoration project

No matter where you are located, there is likely a state grant program dedicated to water quality restoration. Despite the availability of funding for maintaining healthy water quality, it can go untapped due to a lack of awareness or errors made in the application process. Obtaining grants involves competitive processes with strict evaluation criteria. It’s crucial to develop compelling proposals showcasing project efficacy and potential environmental impact. The success of grant and funding applications often relies on the provider’s qualifications, including professional experience, past successes, and capacity to integrate the latest industry standards and technologies.

The importance of partnering with an experienced professional

The technology employed in the application of alum for water treatment is pivotal for project effectiveness. Cutting-edge equipment and innovations, like GPS-guided vessels, bathymetric mapping technology, and advanced water quality testing, demonstrate a provider’s capability to lead a project effectively and achieve desired outcomes with precision and safety. Ensuring project success is crucial, as unsuccessful attempts might compromise future funding eligibility, especially if work doesn’t meet strict permit requirements. Partnering with an experienced company well-versed in the application process can benefit stakeholders.

Permit requirements for alum applications

In many instances, permits, which outline specific guidelines for the project’s execution, must be obtained to secure funding. Permits may dictate product use, equipment, work schedules, and who is authorized to conduct the work. Additionally, permit requirements differ from state to state. Complying with permits is crucial post-funding, as failure can result in regulatory fines, diverting resources from other public health needs.

Long-lasting results with precise alum applications

Alum applications require precise execution for lasting water quality results. SOLitude has used alum to improve over 35,000 acres of water across hundreds of projects. Our custom-built, state-of-the-art application vessels use computerized equipment that maintains a target dose rate by accounting for changes in vessel speed and depth. All application equipment is integrated with GPS tracking to ensure a uniform and verifiable application area and rate.

Proper alum treatments provide almost immediate results, clearing the water column of suspended particles and reducing the overall availability of nutrients that fuel nuisance growth. When water quality becomes more balanced, aquatic weeds and algae are less likely to appear.

Our experts are here to help you achieve clean water

Securing funding can be complex and daunting, but professional expertise by companies like SOLitude can be instrumental in effectively navigating the competitive application process and boosting the chances of securing funds. Our experienced professionals, including those with PhDs and significant grant writing expertise, provide comprehensive assistance, from helping you identify and assess your eligibility for funding opportunities to handling all meticulous paperwork and permitting documents. Once funding is secured, we lead projects to ensure accurate and timely completion – all in the pursuit of our shared goal to provide clean, healthy water for your community.

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