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Why Are Fountains and Aeration Systems So Popular?

Floating fountains, surface aerators, and submersed aerators are some of the most popular lake and pond management tools available. These systems enhance aesthetics while making your water the property’s focal point. Fountains and aerators help improve water quality conditions which is another reason why they are desired by lake owners and managers across the country.

Stunning lighting and spray patterns make fountains an eye-catching focal point for HOAs, private properties, golf courses, and public parks. Fountains can be customized to fit a client’s desired look, from grandiose to graceful. Dynamic lights can be tailored to holidays or events.

Fountains & Surface Aerators

What’s more, fountains and aerators provide ongoing water quality benefits that are hard to achieve any other way. Fountains help increase circulation and the transfer of oxygen at the water’s surface. Stakeholders that prioritize function over form can also choose surface aerators, which make up for reduced aesthetics by maintaining a higher flow and injecting up to 3 lbs. of oxygen per horsepower per hour into the water.

Submersed Aerators

Ponds less than 6 feet deep are great candidates for a floating fountain or surface aerator, and those more than 10 feet deep can benefit from submersed aerators. Using an onshore compressor, they release bubbles that provide circulation and oxygenation from bottom to top.

Dissolved oxygen is essential to sustain a robust ecosystem and desirable aquatic life. A well-oxygenated ecosystem may also be less likely to experience water quality imbalances. When waterbodies are healthy and balanced, it’s easier to limit weeds and algae.

How A Submersed Aerator Works Under Water

How A Floating Fountain Circulates Surface Water

The Benefits of Aerating Your Pond

The circulatory benefits are also notable. Consistent circulation helps prevent thermoclines – the formation of “layers” based on water temperatures and dissolved oxygen concentrations. When thermoclines are disrupted by rainfall or abrupt seasonal changes, fish kills often occur. This is particularly devastating for stakeholders who have invested significant time and funds to cultivate a thriving fishery.

Each style of floating fountain or aerator works differently, so professionals often recommend pairing them for maximum results. Placing a submersed aerator under a fountain benefits the entire waterbody. An expert can help you determine if this approach aligns with your goals and, if so, identify the proper size and placement.

Don't Wait to Aerate

We know you value your waterbodies and want them to look their best. While it’s never too late to integrate fountains and aeration into your management program, it’s important to account for current industry delays. Unfortunately, over the past few years, systems have become increasingly limited. As with the automotive industry and many others, manufacturers that produce fountain and aerator parts have been impacted by the global supply chain issues due to Covid and labor shortages. Thankfully, supply chain issues are beginning to improve.

Achieve Beautiful Water with Aeration

As the nation’s largest lake and pond management company, we maintain close partnerships with top manufacturers to ensure you get the fountain or aeration system you want and have it installed promptly. Contact us to get your hands on a system!

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