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Water IQ Technologies: Natural Algae Management Tool

Nothing spoils activities on the water quite like a dense layer of algae. Green, slimy mats and scummy biofilms can turn your pleasant day into a disappointing and potentially hazardous experience. Algae are not only an eyesore and source of complaints, but may also produce harmful toxins that can threaten the well-being of humans and aquatic life.

The last pain point that waterbody owners and managers should have to worry about is algae growth – and the concerns that are sometimes voiced about the use of algaecides. Now, industry leaders like Water IQ Technologies are making alternative solutions available to keep waterbodies beautiful naturally.

How It Works

SOLitude’s industry partner, Water IQ Technologies, has developed state-of-the-art equipment that produces 360-degree ultrasonic frequencies to physically manage and prevent green algae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), and biofilms. When blue-green algae are exposed to ultrasonic frequencies, gas pockets inside the cell burst and escape, causing the algae to sink to the bottom and die. Stakeholders can expect to see results in one to two weeks. A similar process is applied to green algae, although it may take a bit longer for complete eradication.

Water IQ Technologies: Types of Systems

Stakeholders can choose from three types of equipment – or combine multiple types – depending on the target algal species and the acreage and shape of their waterbody. Each uses about as much electricity as a light bulb, making them cost-effective to operate.

The Water IQ Technologies Pulsar 3,000+

  • Green algae (10 acres)
  • Blue-green algae (60 acres)
  • Biofilm (1.6 acres)

The Water IQ Technologies Pulsar 4,000+

  • Green algae (17.5 acres) 
  • Blue-green algae (120 acres)
  • Biofilm (2.8 acres)

The Water IQ Technologies Sentinel  AIQ

  • Green algae (17.5 acres) 
  • Blue-green algae (120 acres)
  • Biofilm (2.8 acres)

In addition to the same range as Pulsar 4,000+, Sentinel AIQ is a self-reliant solar-powered system that also includes remote water quality monitoring software to capture real-time information on crucial system and water quality data, including pH, temperature, turbidity, chlorophyll A, conductivity, and more. 

Because the systems do not impact native plants, wildlife, or beneficial bacteria, systems can be used continuously 24/7. Removal is only necessary during freezing temperatures to prevent damage to equipment.

An Innovation In Water Quality Management

Water IQ’s ultrasonic technologies are a promising advancement in the field of algae control, but just one tool in an Aquatic Expert’s toolbox. Professional lake and pond management programs incorporate a full suite of natural management solutions such as fountains and aeration, nutrient remediation, biological augmentation, shoreline restoration, buffer management, and sediment removal to preserve the health of waterbodies inside and out.

Control Algae Naturally with New Innovations

New innovations are always emerging for the sustainable management of lakes and ponds. By partnering with an aquatic expert, pond owners and managers can gain access to the most cutting-edge equipment and technologies on the market – and rest assured that their waterbody is getting the time and attention it needs, even when they’re focusing on other important responsibilities. 

Can Water IQ Technologies’ ultrasonic algae control devices help transform your waterbody? Speak with an aquatic expert.

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