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Virginia Lake Management Company, a full-service lake and pond management company, providing the most complete array of aquatic products and services in the market, along with long-term management solutions to the water quality problems faced by lakes and storm water ponds. We restore the ecological balance to these ponds and provide clients with aesthetically pleasing water features that add to the value and enjoyment of their property, while still promoting sound environmental stewardship principles.

We provide pond and lake management services to homeowner and condominium associations, apartment communities, commercial developments, golf courses, municipal, state, & federally owned lakes, private ponds, fishing and recreational lakes, among others. We specialize in annual lake management programs and offer a bevy of quality products and services for algae treatmentaquatic vegetation management, fountain and aerator installation and service, water quality monitoring and testing, underwater lighting, fisheries management, biological augmentation, wildlife and habitat management services and much more. We invite you to browse our website today for more information on how our services maintain the aesthetic beauty, ecological balance, and functional integrity of man-made or natural lakes and ponds on your property, regardless of location or use. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Aerators and Fountains

Weeds and Algae

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Water Quality

Fisheries Management

Fisheries Management

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Lake Mapping

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Lake and Pond Products

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