Advanced Fisheries Management Strategies

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Custom Fisheries Management Strategies & Resources

Whether you’re looking to create a world-class trophy fishery or just stock your pond with the right mix of fish species for your climate or region, you need to have the right fisheries management strategies and techniques.

SOLitude Lake Management offers a full range of fisheries management strategies. With a team of fisheries biologists on staff, we have the knowledge and resources you need to create a custom fisheries management program tailored to your site and long-term goals.

From fish stocking and habitat management to species management and supplemental feeding, SOLitude Lake Management’s experts help to implement the industry’s newest fisheries management strategies and help you focus on long-term success rather than just short-term solutions. We have state-of-the-art electro-fishing boats, mapping hardware, and water quality testing equipment to assist you in developing your fisheries management program.

Electrofishing In Action

Let SOLitude Lake Management help you develop customized fisheries management strategies that take every detail into consideration, including your specific goals, current fishery size and scope, characteristics of the body of water, watershed considerations, and (of course) budget.

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