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    Vertex Floating Fountains

    Vertex_FloatingFountain_cBenefits to Lake & Pond

    • Aesthetics — beautifies waterway, increases property value and quality of community.
    • Adds decor to community.
    • Assists in aeration of lake system, aiding in fish dynamics.
    • Through agitation, prevents aggregation of planktonic algae on the surface and helps in reduction of mosquito larvae.


    • U.V. resistant rotocast unit.
    • Four seamless, water-tight compartments for ballast.
    • Brass fillplugs.
    • Five-year warranty.

    Cable: STW-A rated, U.L. listed underwater cable.

    Nozzle: Adjustable cast bronze and brass FunnelJet nozzle.

    Control Panel

    • U.L. listed per National Electrical Code.
    • Weatherproof steel enclosures.


    • 1 & 2 HP units feature stainless steel submersibles.
    • 5 HP and up use high performance submersible turbines.
    • Franklin stainless steel sealed motors.

    Corrosion Resistant

    • Nozzles of brass or bronze.
    • Rotocast float.
    • Stainless steel frame and fastenings.
    • Bronze/copper lights.


    • Cast bronze/copper housing.
    • Stainless steel brackets.
    • Neoprene gaskets.
    • Tempered lenses.
    • Bronze/stainless steel lens protectors.

    vertex aerationjet


    A combination of majestic heights, graceful arches and superior wind resistance, the AerationJet floating fountain is the ideal overall water feature with heavily aerated jets reaching 50' high and spreading to 60' diameter. The AerationJet provides a dramatic effect to any lake or pond.



    vertex ringjetRingJet™
    The RingJet series offers the perfect combination of maximum heights and delicate mass. The center display is accented by our custom red brass spray ring, creating a graceful outward arch of water in a tulip-like pattern.




    vertex tritierTriTier™
    The TriTier floating fountain series provides one of the most delicate and aesthetic displays offered. The dramatic three-tier pattern, with its floral arches, created by all brass precision machined nozzle and swivel base (available on 5HP and above nozzles) is available in heights from 15 to 46 feet.




    vertex geyserGeyserJet™
    Create a strong statement with the white and frothy activity of the GeyserJet floating fountain series. Its heavy, wind-resistant display is highly visible during the day and a dramatic focal point at night when illuminating its dense, aerated pattern.




    vertex multigeyserMultiGeyser™
    A massive and dense pyramid of active and frothy water, the MultiGeyser floating fountain offers a highly wind-resistant display featuring a single large center nozzle surrounded by numerous smaller ones — each highly aerated for visibility and dramatic illumination.




    vertex trigeyserTriGeyser™
    The three heavily aerated, conical displays of the TriGeyser floating fountain series create an impressive pyramid of water. The height proportions can be varied by the adjustment of valves regulating each pod,.allowing on site modifications.




    vertex podjetPodJet™
    When maximum height is desired, the PodJet floating fountain series meets the need. An eye-catching column of foaming water from 4" to 8" in diameter and in heights of up to 50 feet, the PodJet allows the freedom to select the perfect look for any lake and pond.




    vertex fanjetFanJet™
    An impressive water feature sure to be the focal point on any site, the FanJet floating fountain series brings the versatility of a center display and a side pattern of numerous fans. The bold height and delicate arching fans blend to create a beautiful look for any lake.




    vertex twotierTwoTier™
    The wide spreading display of the TwoTier floating fountain series creates a broad feature that will beautifully fill any lake scene. The all-brass display head produces heavier floral side jets that arch up and out, making it a highly visible pattern in both daylight and when lit at night.




    vertex tripodTriPod™
    Three progressive columns of frothy water, each 8"in diameter, create the unique TriPod floating fountain series. The height proportions can be varied by the adjustment of valves regulating each pod, allowing on site modifications.




    vertex funneljetFunnelJet™
    A powerful, yet elegant, display creating a very wide ring of sparkling water, the FunnelJet floating fountain series offers a low profile pattern for applications where a water feature is needed but height is not desired.


    Find Your Fountain Solution


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    In support of our belief that lakes and ponds are a precious natural resource requiring protection, SOLitude is committed to providing sustainable and renewable solutions that maintain ecological balance in the workplace and beyond.


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