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SOLitude Lake Management has more than a decade of experience in the pond fountain installation, as well as fountain maintenance and repair services. Floating pond fountains are known for the beauty that they add to a lake or pond, but many do not realize that they also bring valuable aeration benefits that aid in pond “cleaning” as well.

Not only do pond fountains provide an aesthetically pleasing look to a property, but they help with algae control and the management of aquatic weed growth by decreasing organic muck build-up mitigating the nutrient load, and providing a healthier environment for fish and other aquatic life – all the things necessary to maintain healthy lake and pond management.

Our staff is manufacturer-trained and qualified to install and service all of the industry-leading brands of floating lake and pond fountain products we sell and service. We support and maintain most of the well-known brands.

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Because of our commitment to customer service, we believe in training. Our entire staff engages in continuing education through industry professionals and educators who are experts in new products and the latest in technology and innovation. Our entire staff completes manufacturer certification and service school training on an annual basis. Not only are the field professional that visit your site factory trained and certified in pond fountain installation and service, but our office staff is as well. This allows us to provide our customers with a superior level of service and support at all levels of our organization.

Like any of the important equipment you own, your lake and pond fountains have parts and a motor that need to be maintained. Solitude Lake Management can lay out a plan to best help you preserve and prolong the life of your fountain, and keep it working at an optimal level. Couple this with proper lake and pond maintenance and you will always have a healthy aquatic environment to enjoy.

Great Partnership for Nearly A Decade

I’m the property manager of a large residential community in the Tampa Bay area. The property has 27 waterbodies ranging in size from several hundred square feet to almost 69 acres. SOLitude has serviced our aquatic needs for nearly a decade which have ranged from shoreline restoration and aquatic plantings to algae treatment and aeration with excellence and integrity. As a partner in our efforts to always improve our water quality they are a great resource and are able to provide any service relating to water that may be needed.

Marc C.

Property Manager, Tampa, FL

No More Algae!

SOLitude has completely corrected our community pond. No more algae, which has kept the fountain running well. We have a monthly maintenance contract, and I always receive notice of when they are coming and if they found any issues.

Emily Schollian

Property Manager, VA

Pond & Fountain Looks Great

Thank you for always keeping my neighborhood’s ponds and fountains looking great. And, many times, weathering the weather to make it happen!

Mandy Berkowitz

Community Member, Virginia Beach, VA

Keep Lake Free of Algae & Debris

SOLitude Lake Management has been the lake management company for our community lake located in Alexandria, VA, for five years now and we have found them to be very professional and responsive to our needs of keeping the lake free of algae and other debris. They also service the lighted fountains when needed. The team members are friendly, receptive, and willing to discuss lake maintenance options when signing the contract.

Carol Devine

Lake Committee Chairperson, Alexandria, VA

Our Lake Is the Best It’s Been In Years

Our large lake association had SOLitude install a full lake aeration system and perform an alum application. Our lake is the best it has been in several years.

Thomas Lewandoski

Property Manager, NJ

Keeps My Pond Looking Great Year-Round

SOLitude is always available to answer questions and help landowners tackle the difficulties of managing a lake or pond. They helped me with aeration and lend me their knowledge to keep my pond looking great all year!

Philip Bye

Private Landowner, Cambridge, MD

Fully Met My Needs – Outstanding!

Finding a company in St Louis to service central Illinois residents is quite difficult, but SOLitude fully met my needs to repair my fountain. The service crew was very friendly, efficient, and professional. I would definitely use SOLitude again, and I have already referred a neighbor to them. OUTSTANDING!

Linda Kuehn

Private Landowner, St. Louis, IL

Pleasure to Do Business With

SOLitude Lake Management is a pleasure to do business with. Very professional and friendly from the first contact by phone to the actual order, installation and follow-up.

Katherine Cooper

Private Landowner, Sarasota, FL

Top-Notch Work

SOLitude is an excellent company. Very professional and they do quality work. They installed my dad’s new fountain and it’s top-notch. Flo, Chris, and Victor the installer, Adrienne, and Camilia were all great to work with.

Tyner Appel

Private Landowner, Daytona, FL

Improve Our Water Quality

SOLitude Lake Management visited our Miami Lakes Community to obtain water samples as part of the Town of Miami Lakes lake water improvement initiative. The staff was highly professional, explained all details of lake water maintenance, and took the time to provide remedies for non-oxygenated waters. Highly recommend.

Hope Reynolds

Miami-Dade County, FL

Improve Your Lake’s Water Quality with SOLitude

I have worked with SOLitude for many years at our HOA with our lakes committee. Our biologist, Christina, has been such an asset to our community from the installation of lake aeration to nutrient mitigation and her positive attitude and professionalism. The entire company is one that I would certainly recommend to any community seeking to improve their lake’s water quality.

Scott DeFilippis

Fort Myers, FL

You Can Count On SOLitude

Christine and SOLitude are the best lake company I have had the privilege of working with as a Property Manager. I do not have to worry about service, fountains, aerators, littorals, or most importantly weed infestation on lake banks. I have been in the business for over 10 years and if the property is one Christine is in charge of with SOLitude, you can count on them running things very professionally. Absolute 5-star treatment.

Marty Sullivan

Property Manager, Naples, FL

Recommendations Are Thoughtful & Achievable

Erin and the rest of the SOLitude crew do a fantastic job monitoring water quality and algae growth. Erin used environmentally friendly products to control both the algae and maintain water quality with great success. Site visits are as promised and reports are clear and concise and recommendations are always thoughtful and achievable. We appreciate the effort by Erin and the other SOLitude staff that support our effort.

Terrence Larson


The Water Is Crystal Clear

The water quality and clarity has been great! Our waterfall and fountain feature is located at the entrance of the community. We are mandated to use reclaimed water. The water is crystal clear.

Mike Treanor

Marana, AZ

SOLitude Makes My Life Easy

Your professionalism and expediency in getting a job done make my life as a Property Association Manager so much easier. Thanks for the fantastic lighting job on the BMP fountain. I have had nothing but great comments from residents.

Michael Williams

Property Manager, Chesapeake, VA

Reliable and Quick to Respond

SOLitude Lake Management has been managing our lake/stormwater pond, and fountains since 2005. Their team has always been reliable and quick to respond to any issues. They are all very knowledgeable, able to explain what is happening with any situation and find solutions to problems as they arise. Overall, I have been very pleased with their work and would highly recommend them to anyone with lake, pond, and other BMP management needs.

Joan M. Fowler

City of Chesapeake, VA

Thank You from Camp Holiday Trails

Thank you for coordinating the restoration effort for our pond and donating labor for the aerator installation and watermeal treatment. This will ensure that hundreds of kids with special medical needs, and those who have the honor, joy, and inspiration of working with them, will benefit from the Camp Holiday Trails experience this year!

Tina LaRoche

Charlottesville, VA

SOLitude Gets Homeowners Calling with Compliments

I had two phone calls today from homeowners telling me how beautiful the pond is and that they love the festive lights. Many thanks to SOLitude for always doing such a great job on our community pond!

Adriane DiCamillo, CMCA, AMS

Millersville, MD


The much needed aeration provided by your pond fountain is an integral part of your lake management program; as such, your fountain should be included in your monthly lake maintenance agreement. Floating pond fountains can be transformed from a functional, beautiful lake-cleaning tool, to an after-dark community centerpiece by adding an underwater lighting system.

During our fountain maintenance service, all pond fountain controls and motor functions are tested to insure proper function. The results of our control component testing are recorded and a service history is maintained on each lake and pond fountain, allowing us to perform trend analysis and work towards predicting and preventing problems.

The pond fountain unit is carefully inspected, cleaned and serviced as required with each service. Lake fountain lighting is also tested and serviced as required with each fountain maintenance service.

Looking for a pond fountain installer? Contact our pond fountain service experts today at 888-480-5253 or complete the form below.

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