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Winter Pond Maintenance _Winterize_ Your Lake

Top Lake and Pond Winter Preparation Articles

Many of the lake and pond problems that property owners experience manifest in the warmer months. As a result, they only invest in management practices during the growing season. Often, they are surprised to learn that the management actions taken during the winter have just as much of an impact – if not more so – on the success of a waterbody when spring and summer return. 

Our most popular articles on winter preparation explain how you can elevate the enjoyment of your waterbody and get a head start on aquatic management efforts during the off-season.

Winter Pond Maintenance: How to “Winterize” Your Lake, Pond or Fishery

Winter aquatic maintenance strategies can differ depending on where in the country you live. Not only does your region inform what kinds of management tasks you should consider implementing, it also dictates the time of year that you should begin this winter preparation.

Winter Fountain Maintenance: Time for an Oil & Seals Change?

Floating fountains provide many benefits during warmer weather, including circulation and dissolved oxygen transfer. They also create a beautiful backdrop on any waterbody. Because of this, necessary maintenance efforts are often delayed until the winter months.

Stock Fish Ponds With Rainbow Trout Now for Winter Fun & Forage

Fishing enthusiasts don’t have to stop their angling activities when temperatures drop. Property owners looking to get the most out of their fishing pond can extend the excitement by stocking rainbow trout, which will thrive until water temperatures rise above 60 degrees.

Use Aeration to Prevent Winter Fish Kills

Because they’re cold-blooded animals, fish are able to survive by transitioning to a more restful state in the winter. However, fish kills can still occur if dissolved oxygen becomes too depleted – often when the surface freezes over. Luckily, this phenomenon can be prevented.

Winter Maintenance in Southern Regions

While most of the country experiences a typical winter, southern states like Florida and Texas experience the season a bit differently. This allows more time to enjoy our waterbodies, but also limits the window to perform some important maintenance activities.

Lakes and ponds are valuable fixtures in our communities no matter the weather or season. If you haven’t already, consider the ways in which you can better enjoy your waterbody during the winter or enhance its health and functionality for more lasting balance and functionality. No matter your goal, a lake management professional can help you design a cost-effective maintenance program that promotes year-long value and success.

Water: It's 71% of Your World... it's 100% of Ours

At SOLitude Lake Management we’re dedicated to making water a more healthy and beautiful part of our environment and our world. In that pursuit we offer sustainable, comprehensive lake and pond management solutions

How Can We Help Your Waterbody Prepare For Winter?

Our lake and pond maintenance experts are ready to help you budget and prepare your pond for the winter season.

SOLitude Lake Management is a nationwide environmental firm committed to providing sustainable solutions that improve water quality, enhance beauty and preserve natural resources.

SOLitude’s team of aquatic scientists specializes in the development and execution of customized lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management programs. Services include water quality testing and restoration, algae and aquatic weed control, installation and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, shoreline erosion control, muck and sediment removal and invasive species management. SOLitude partners with homeowners associations, golf courses, private landowners, businesses and municipalities. SOLitude Lake Management is part of Rentokil, a leading business services company, operating across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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