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The Top 3 Shoreline Erosion Management Articles

Though shoreline erosion is a natural process, it is a serious issue that should not be ignored. Shoreline erosion occurs for many reasons including stormwater runoff and human or animal activity. When lake and pond shorelines are damaged, it can often lead to an increase in excess nutrients entering the waterbody due to a lack of filtration from grass or beneficial buffer plants. This, in turn, will create water quality issues like algal blooms or aquatic weeds. Beyond the shoreline, erosion can lead to a loss in property value, damage to valuable assets like home foundations, and can become a liability issue.

Maintaining a healthy, stable shoreline will help you achieve the beautiful and safe waterbody you desire. Read our top three shoreline management articles to discover how to identify erosion damage and the innovative technologies available that can help restore damaged banks:

Beyond the Water: Effectively Managing Lake and Pond Shorelines

Imagine taking an evening walk as the sun sets across the beautiful lake or pond in your community. The sky is pink and orange, crickets are chirping, and a warm breeze blows across the water. Now, imagine looking down at the steep shoreline in front of you, finding that it’s bare, crumbling, and so unstable that you’re weary to venture to the edge. Not only is this an unsightly and even dangerous distraction, but it can also make residents question the management priorities of their association and deter new homeowners from settling down in the community…

Shoreline Erosion: The Cause, Effect, and Solution

There are many factors that contribute to shoreline erosion including stormwater runoff, wind, rain, irrigation, wildlife, and humans, to name a few. It’s inevitable that erosion will affect the shorelines of lakes, retention ponds, and canals. Shoreline erosion damage can have an economic impact on property owners or managers as well as cause unwanted environmental issues and safety concerns…

The 4 Main Causes of Erosion in Lake Soil

Many communities feature lakes and ponds that improve their property’s value and aesthetic appeal, and offer residents a connection with nature – whether that’s through fishing, bird watching, canoeing, or morning jogs around the water.  Likewise, most of these water resources play a crucial role in the collection of stormwater to prevent flooding. An important part of keeping these waterbodies clean and functional is shoreline management

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