Water Quality Restoration with Alum


The technology behind our alum application vessels and long-lasting results

You put tremendous effort into keeping your community lakes safe and beautiful for those who rely on them, and you rightfully expect the same level of commitment from your partners. As an industry leader in lake management, SOLitude is dedicated to employing the safest and most effective solutions to improve water quality for the well-being of the public. In addition to driving forward the latest technologies and innovations, we also take pride in our history of incorporating longstanding tools like aluminum sulfate (alum) into our arsenal of management solutions.

What is alum? How does it combat excess nutrients?

Aluminum sulfate, also known as alum, is a well-studied substance. When applied to recreational lakes and drinking water reservoirs, alum helps purify the water by binding with nutrients, particularly phosphorus. In aquatic ecosystems, nutrients are essential for supporting the food chain. However, excessive levels can trigger problematic overgrowth of algae and weeds. By bonding with nutrients in both the water column and bottom sediments, alum helps preserve a natural equilibrium that promotes healthy water and diverse aquatic life.

How we utilize technology on our alum application vessels

Over the years, we’ve used alum to improve over 35,000 acres of water across hundreds of projects. Central to our operations are custom-built application vessels with state-of-the-art systems that are precisely calibrated to maintain a target dose rate that adapts to changes in vessel speed. Integrated GPS tracking ensures a uniform and verifiable application area and rate. The cutting-edge technology empowers our applicators to uniformly and efficiently apply alum across large waterbodies.

How alum is applied to the water

To maintain precision and minimize external influences, we’ve incorporated submerged nozzles into our systems, which work to counter disturbances caused by wind or surface currents. This is essential not only for accurate application but also to prevent fluctuations in water quality parameters such as pH, which can put stress on aquatic ecosystems. The pH is monitored in real time throughout the application to ensure it remains within a predetermined threshold.

Watch: The Benefits of Alum Applications

Optimizing alum's results

Besides offering almost immediate results, like improved water clarity, alum provides water quality benefits that can last for many years – even decades. Depending on lake size and depth, incorporating other sustainable management practices such as ongoing water quality testing, fountains and aeration, beneficial bacteria applications, and shoreline maintenance can further extend and amplify these benefits.

Partner with the experts for beautiful, safe water

Our team of alum experts comprises Ph.D. holders, scientists, and industry thought leaders with significant experience in securing grants and navigating permit processes. They are dedicated to ensuring that alum projects are cost-effective and efficient from start to finish.

By partnering with SOLitude, you can have confidence that your lakes are under the care of knowledgeable experts with access to the latest technologies to keep your community water resources safe.

Restore Your Lake with Alum

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SOLitude’s team of aquatic scientists specializes in the development and execution of customized lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management programs. Services include water quality testing and restoration, algae and aquatic weed control, installation and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, shoreline erosion control, muck and sediment removal and invasive species management. SOLitude partners with homeowners associations, golf courses, private landowners, businesses and municipalities. SOLitude Lake Management is part of Rentokil, a leading business services company, operating across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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