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The Latest Trends in Pond Aeration Systems: Are They Right for Your Waterbody?

Lake and pond aeration plays an essential part in maintaining your waterbody’s overall health and wellness. Without oxygen, lakes and ponds can start to suffer from poor water quality, invasive aquatic weed growth, algae, and potentially toxic cyanobacteria. Luckily, lake and pond management experts have a variety of solutions to choose from to help boost oxygen levels including floating fountains, surface aerators, and submersed aerators. Not only can these solutions increase dissolved oxygen levels, but they also provide aesthetic value for your property.

Pond Fountains: Oxygenation Benefits

Floating fountains are one of the most popular solutions for pond aeration. Fountains work to increase the transfer of oxygen at the water’s surface. As water from the fountains continuously falls onto the surface, it creates turbulence and circulation that facilitate the flow of oxygen into the water column. These systems are more effective at oxygenating shallower waterbodies, however, they can be installed in deeper waterbodies to serve as a beautiful water feature. Fountains are a great way to enhance the natural oxygenation of the water column, thus creating a healthy ecosystem for your lake or pond.

Pond Fountains: Lighting Features & Spray Patterns

While fountains remain one of the most recommended pond aeration systems, their customizable features have continued to grow in popularity. Lighting and spray patterns can be changed for holidays, events, or times of the day. Many of our fountains come with mobile apps that allow you to control your fountain’s lighting from your smartphone. In addition, many customers are choosing to install several smaller horsepower fountains rather than one very large fountain to create several focal points throughout their waterbody. This can help save many on each system as well as reduce electricity costs while still providing the same benefits.

Surface Pond Aerators

Surface pond aerators have become more utilized over recent years due to their ability to move large amounts of water. Surface aerators can inject up to 3 pounds of oxygen per horsepower into the water every hour. Similar to fountains, they float on the water’s surface but keep a lower profile than their counterpart. Their ability to maintain a high water flow makes them ideal for ponds suffering from problems associated with poor water quality. Their design is for functionality, not aesthetics, but manufacturers are working on new pond aeration systems to accomplish both. Many customers choose to use surface aerators in conjunction with floating fountains to accomplish both goals simultaneously.

Submersed Pond Aerators

Submersed aerators are a great choice for waterbodies that are more than 6 feet deep. These lake aeration systems sit directly on the lake bottom and are connected to an onshore compressor that pumps oxygen into the unit. This provides your waterbody with constant oxygen flow and circulation, ultimately improving its conditions and enhancing water quality. In recent years, it has become more popular to pair submersed aeration with fountains and surface aerators for maximum water quality benefits. This aeration strategy can be more cost-effective and efficient for large, deep waterbodies.

Other Oxygenation Solutions

While there are already many tried and true aeration solutions to choose from, new oxygenation technologies are always in development, such as Oxygen Saturation Technology (OST) and nanobubbles. Though these solutions are not considered aeration, they are extremely effective at increasing dissolved oxygen levels. Nanobubbles, in particular, can be used in combination with traditional aeration systems to deliver optimal oxygenation results.

Which solution is best for my water?

Every waterbody is different and should always be evaluated by a pond management expert. Going with popular lake management trends isn’t always the best solution for your water. Our team may use bathymetric mapping to determine the best placement for your systems and water quality testing to determine how much aeration is required to meet healthy dissolved oxygen levels. Our experts also take into account the areas most in need of circulation and oxygen before recommending a solution. As with any pond aerator, maintenance is key to keeping your system working properly for many years. Our experts are here to explore the aeration solutions available to you. Contact us today.

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