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February 17th, 2016

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03.17.16_SLM_Industry_Leaders_e2.jpgSOLitude Lake Management, an industry leader in lake and pond management, fisheries management and related environmental services for the United States, is proud to have several team members serving in volunteer leadership roles with aquatics and lake management industry organizations.

Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS): Bob Schindler

Bob Schindler, Aquatic Biologist at SOLitude, begins two consecutive three-year terms as President of the Board of Directors at the Pennsylvania Lake Management Society (PALMS) in 2016. Bob has an extensive background in pond, lake and wetland management and is SOLitude’s Northern Mid-Atlantic Region Territory Leader serving New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He has served on the PALMS board since 2011.

PALMS is a non-profit organization comprised of lake and pond associations, citizens and watershed management professionals. Their mission is to promote the further understanding of ponds, lakes, reservoirs and impoundments and their watersheds; the ecosystem of which they are a part; and their protection, restoration and management.

Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society (NEAPMS): Chris Doyle, Will Stevenson and Glenn Sullivan

Chris Doyle, Senior Aquatic Biologist and Water Quality Program Supervisor at SOLitude, currently serves as President of the Board of Directors for the Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society (NEAPMS). Chris has over 20 years of experience as an aquatic biologist, with a focus on invertebrate, algal and aquatic macrophyte taxonomy. He is also a Certified Lake Manager through the NEAPMS certification program.

SOLitude’s Director of Integration and Business Development, Will Stevenson, holds the position of treasurer at NEAPMS. Before joining SOLitude, Will was the owner and president of Lycott Environmental based in Massachusetts and holds licenses for aquatic pesticide applications in New England and New York. He also serves on the advisory boards of Massachusetts Audubon and the Nashua River Watershed Association.

Glenn Sullivan has served on the Board of Directors at NEAPMS since its inception in 1999, with past terms as President, Treasurer and Editor. Glenn, an environmental scientist, entered the aquatics field in 1993 and was President of Allied Biological in New Jersey from 2004 to 2014. At SOLitude, he focuses his time and energy on developing new and larger projects in SOLitude’s New Jersey and New York offices.

The mission of NEAPMS is to assist in the management of aquatic vegetation, to provide for the scientific and educational advancement of members, to encourage scientific research in all facets of aquatic plant management, to promote an exchange of information among members and to extend and develop understanding in the discipline.

Massachusetts Congress of Lake and Pond Associations (MA COLAP): Jeff Castellani

SOLitude’s Director of Mechanical Operations, Jeff Castellani, serves on the board at the Massachusetts Congress of Lake and Pond Associations (MA COLAP). Jeff has a decade of chemical and mechanical aquatic and terrestrial management experience. He maintains licensing and industry certificates for Construction Supervisor, OSHA, Qualified Rigger and Signal, and Boater Safety.

MA COLAP is a non-profit organization whose members consist of private lake and pond associations, professional organizations, publicly appointed lake committees and students. MAP COLAP works to preserve, protect, maintain and enhance the environmental, aesthetic, recreational and economic values of Massachusetts’ lakes and ponds.

Society of Lake Management Professionals (SLMP): Kevin Tucker and Dave Beasley

In 2015, Kevin Tucker, CEO of SOLitude Lake Management, and David Beasley, Lead Fisheries Biologist at SOLitude, worked with their peers throughout the country to establish the Society of Lake Management Professionals. Kevin and David have worked hard to establish a professional accreditation process for SLMP members, and continue to have an active role in the organization, advocating for the wise stewardship of privately owned water and for the protection of our environment.

SLMP’s mission is to foster an appreciation for and enhance the management of ponds and lakes, managed by for-profit companies, with particular concern for the aesthetic and recreational uses and stewardship of such waters.

“We’re extremely proud to have so many team members serving in leadership roles with industry organizations,” said Marc Bellaud, President of SOLitude Lake Management. “It’s a testament to their expertise as lake and pond management professionals as well as their enduring commitment to environmental stewardship.”

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SOLitude Lake Management team members (from left to right) Jeff Castellani, David Beasley, Kevin Tucker, Bob Schindler, Glenn Sullivan, Will Stevenson and Chris Doyle (not pictured) show their passion for aquatics and lake management by serving in volunteer leadership roles with various industry organizations throughout the U.S.

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