Kind SOLs

Heart & SOL Day

Helping the Communities We Serve Through The Kind SOLs Program

Since 2010, SOLitude has been committed to improving the communities we serve by engaging in volunteering and community outreach programs through The SOLution. This is particularly important to us during the holiday season.

In 2012, we launched the Little GOBBLERs program to help local families in need by purchasing turkeys or grocery store gift cards so they could have a festive Thanksgiving dinner. After ten years of successfully supporting local families, we have decided to discontinue our long-standing Little GOBBLERs program in 2023. Our aim is to make a more significant impact in the communities we serve.

With this goal in mind, we have created the Kind SOLs program.

What Is Kind SOLs?

Established in 2023, Kind SOLs is a company-wide food drive that is focused on supporting families in need during the Thanksgiving holiday. Offices across the country will collect non-perishable foods and donate them to a local food bank in time for the holiday season.

In an effort to further extend a helping hand, SOLitude colleagues will also be given the opportunity to support their local food banks by taking time out of their work day to package, make, or serve food during the holidays.

Heart & SOL Day

A Goal to Make Ripples of Change...

With the food donations from our 50 offices across the country and nearly 500 colleagues volunteering at their local food banks, we hope to start a ripple of change in the communities we serve.

Want to Learn More About Kind SOLs?

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