SOLitude Lake Management’s Approach To Fisheries Management

March 29th, 2013

describe the imageEvery pond is different. Every water body varies in water chemistry, water quality, fish habitat, and fish composition. Each pond owner is different. Every owner has a unique vision with goals for their pond and wants to achieve those goals in a certain amount of time and within a certain budget. The goals will directly impact all fishery management decisions. Once the goals are understood, factors limiting fish health and growth need to be evaluated and addressed. These factors may include physical and chemical habitat, water quality, predator to prey ratios, and the proper fish species and composition. When these variables are properly balanced, you can create a stable and productive aquatic community. Throw in good monitoring and genetics, and you have the fundamentals to produce a trophy fishery.

At SOLitude Lake Management we understand a cookie cutter approach just doesn’t work. Our fisheries biologists use a tailored comprehensive approach for managing every water body and fishery population with a variety of proven tools and techniques. Designed with the owner’s goals in mind, a Fisheries Management Plan (FMP) is created for every client and becomes the basis for each fishery under management. Designing a FMP to achieve your fishing objectives requires taking much more into account than just the kind of fish you want to catch. The entire ecosystem, including fish habitat, aquatic vegetation, and water quality must all be assessed and brought into balance before a fishery of any kind can reach its full potential.

To help a client understand how the pieces fit together, SOLitude provides a complete FMP Guide containing the science and information for each of our fisheries management techniques available and how those strategies converge in an FMP. Following a review of these options and an assessment of the current habitat and fish population, the FMP designed specifically for your pond will be implemented based on goals and budget, complete with a timeline on when to implement management recommendations.

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Download Free Report

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