Shoreline Erosion Management

Shoreline Erosion: The Cause, Effect, and Solution

There are many factors that contribute to shoreline erosion including stormwater runoff, wind, rain, irrigation, wildlife, and humans, to name a few. It’s inevitable that erosion will affect the shorelines of lakes, retention ponds, and canals. Shoreline erosion damage can have an economic impact on property owners or managers as well as cause unwanted environmental issues and safety concerns.

Receding banks can threaten home foundations, leading to a loss in property values. Waterbodies with unstable banks can become safety hazards for those walking along the shoreline like golf players, homeowners, or landscaping crews. Although it’s natural for shoreline erosion to occur, it shouldn’t be ignored and can be repaired.

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How Does Shoreline Erosion Occur?

Shorelines with erosion damage are often continually impacted by environmental factors such as heavy rains, rainwater run-off, and water fluctuation. Rainwater run-off can slowly erode the soil and kill root systems of plants and grass that typically stabilize the shoreline. The constant movement of water running over the edge of the shoreline can lead to the formation of gullies and unstable areas. This can cause the shoreline to be misshapen and can often lead to the loss of land, which can slowly encroach towards home and pool foundations and fencing.


The Impact Erosion Has On Your Waterbody's Health

Not only does erosion create hazardous shorelines, but the nutrient-rich soil that enters the waterbody from runoff can also have a significant impact on the overall health of your lake or pond. The increase of soil deposits can lead to water quality issues like algal blooms and aquatic weed growth. If a waterbody is showing signs of erosion damage, it may be time to implement repair solutions.

Shoreline Erosion Repair Success Stories

  • Repair Unstable Banks
  • Restore Erosion Damage
  • Reclaim Lost Land

Repair Erosion Damage with Bioengineered Solutions

We are proud to offer bioengineered erosion control systems for lakes, ponds, and canals. With decades of experience installing these systems, SOLitude’s Erosion Repair Division is highly qualified to implement these game-changing technologies for shorelines suffering from erosion damage.

These geotextile systems are made with a durable, eco-friendly mesh and can be installed to quickly restore eroded or damaged shoreline banks. These solutions are anchored to a stable part of the shoreline and are filled with organic material. In some cases, sediment or muck from the lake or pond bottom can be used to fill the system. Using materials from the local aquatic resource not only makes installation more efficient but also restores the depth and volume of the waterbody.

Create A Living Shoreline with Native Plants

Once the system is filled, it is sealed so that water can only pass through the mesh system. This helps filter excess nutrients before they enter the water column. With this long-lasting shoreline restoration solution, you can regain several feet of valuable shoreline and protect your waterbody and property against future erosion damage.

An additional benefit of this erosion repair system is that it is adaptable to beneficial plantings. Once installation is complete, the system can be sodded over and beneficial vegetation can be planted through the mesh, which will not tear or lose integrity over time.

Prevent Future Erosion Damage with Vegetative Buffers

Aquatic plants will root and grow along the shoreline, holding soil in place so it does not run into the water during heavy rain events or water fluctuation. These beneficial buffer zones will help protect your lake, pond, or canal against erosion damage and further stabilize the repair system while elevating the beauty of your newly restored shoreline. If you are experiencing shoreline erosion, please reach out to our team of shoreline repair experts to discover the best solution for your waterbody.

Shoreline Erosion Management

With a restored shoreline, you can relax knowing your waterbody is protected against the damaging effects of erosion. Not to mention, the land you reclaim can help enhance property values and safety.

Watch our video below to learn more about the importance of shoreline management.

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