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Reflecting On Our Year of Volunteering:

Reflecting On Our Year of Volunteering:

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. In the face of COVID-19, many had to restructure working environments and develop new strategies to tackle unfamiliar challenges. This was not only the case for SOLitude as we strived to meet the goals of our clients, it also impacted our volunteering efforts through The SOLution.

The SOLution is SOLitude’s dedicated community outreach program that promotes and rewards volunteering. Since the inception of the program in 2012, SOLitude’s colleagues, industry partners, and their families have helped generate more than 18,973 volunteer hours and donate $518,855 to charitable organizations and causes.

Social distancing and other restrictions required us to consider new ways to navigate the SOLution program. Our colleagues embraced these changes by redirecting their focus towards outdoor activities such as beach clean-ups and community plantings, and remote efforts such as writing greeting cards for hospitalized children and becoming pen-pals with retirement home residents.

In total, SOLitude’s colleagues donated more than 2,970 personal volunteer hours and donated $23,074 in 2020.

Volunteer of the Second Quarter Leads Florida Volunteering Initiatives

Top Volunteers

Each year, SOLitude recognizes one individual who went above and beyond to volunteer and serve others. We are honored to announce that the recipient of the 2020 Heart & SOL award is Aquatic Biologist Ean Sims of Fort Myers, FL.

Ean stepped up immensely, volunteering 94 hours with numerous charitable events, food pantries, beach clean-ups, and walks for cancer. He was often joined by his wife and two children, and, as a regional volunteering team captain, consistently encouraged his colleagues to join.

Ean is a terrific example of SOLitude’s mission to serve,” Customer Experience Manager Tara Gamble said. “By stepping up during these challenging times, he has exhibited profound leadership and an extraordinary commitment to serving others.

Ean was also spotlighted as Volunteer of the Quarter during the second quarter of 2020. He was preceded by Florida Aquatic Specialist Robert Finnick (Q1) and followed by Florida Customer Service Representative Flo Paterno (Q3) and Virginia Sales Support Administrator Ellen Stace (Q4).

2020 Spotlights

Volunteers Put Their Heart and SOL into Supporting Local Communities

Heart & SOL Day

On November 20, 2020, SOLitude’s 400 colleagues were encouraged by company leaders to spend up to four hours during the workday contributing to charitable initiatives that align with their passions. Across 35+ nationwide offices, participants held trash and nature preserve clean-ups, volunteered with food banks and animal sanctuaries, planted hundreds of trees and native species, and collected food and clothing donations. In one day alone, colleagues generated approximately 330 volunteer hours. Click here to learn more about Heart & SOL Day.

SOLitude's Little GOBBLERs Program Helps Hundreds at Thanksgiving


The SOLitude team is passionate about providing food and donations to ensure deserving families can celebrate a safe and happy Thanksgiving each year. Due to the hardships created by the pandemic, families are struggling emotionally and financially more than ever. In November of 2020, SOLitude colleagues donated $7,325 worth of turkeys and grocery store gift cards to 267 families through Little GOBBLERS. Click here to learn more about Little GOBBLERS.

Newark DE Family Gift Delivery - the solution - heart and sol - holiday cheer

HOLiday Cheer

As part of the Salvation Army’s nationwide Angel Tree initiative, SOLitude’s teams collected 382 presents and necessities valued at $4,440 to gift to 103 children – a 155% increase from years prior. Wish list items included fits for children ages 1-16 such as books, games, craft supplies, action figures, beauty accessories, and sports equipment. Many children were also provided coats, shoes, and toiletries. SOLitude also supported several children’s hospitals in Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, and California through the donation of 241 gift donations valued at $2,800. Click here to learn more about HOLiday Cheer.

Hometown Heroes Program Thanks Essential Workers

Hometown Heroes

Healthcare professionals, emergency responders, and other essential employees have worked tirelessly over the past year. Through the newly established Hometown Heroes program, our colleagues delivered care packages to these valued groups, as well as childcare, senior living, and military organizations. Each package contained handwritten notes, entertainment and restaurant gift cards, snacks, and additional goodies. In collaboration with SOLitude’s parent company, Rentokil, we were able to serve more than 8,100 individuals throughout the nation. Click here to learn more about Hometown Heroes.

Let’s Make a Difference Together!

Ready to help make a difference in the world? Let us know how we can help make it happen! To learn more about SOLitude Lake Management solutions, call 888-480-5253 or email our lake and pond management experts.

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