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Mechanical Algae Removal in California

As one of the nation’s leaders in environmental protection, the demand for mechanical algae removal in California should come as no surprise. While EPA-registered algaecides are low-risk and carefully designed to only impact target species, lake and pond owners often prefer to eliminate undesirable growth using physical means.

What is an Aquamog?

The Aquamog is one type of mechanical equipment that professionals operate for the management of certain types of algae. Much like a backhoe, the floating Aquamog scoops up hundreds of pounds of material in a clam-shell bucket, depositing it on shore for offsite disposal.

Mechanical Algae with the Aquamog

The Aquamog is capable of removing most types of filamentous algae, which grow as thick, stringy mats on the surface of the water. Without management, these mats will continue to expand, eventually impeding habitats used by fish and aquatic organisms, blocking out sunlight, and depleting beneficial dissolved oxygen levels. Many harmful species of filamentous algae can be found throughout the state, including Northern California, Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, Modesto, the Bay Area, and other regions. 

But not all types of algae can be removed physically. Planktonic algae removal, for example, is far more complex. To achieve planktonic algae removal, professionals may utilize a variety of solutions, including aeration, nutrient mitigation, and biological augmentation. In many cases, these efforts will be accompanied by regular water quality monitoring tests to identify the presence of toxins commonly produced by certain types of planktonic algae called cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).

Mechanical Aquatic Weeds with the Aquamog

In addition to filamentous algae removal, many types of aquatic weeds can be physically removed from lakes and ponds using an Aquamog or floating aquatic weed harvesting equipment, sometimes referred to as an aquatic vegetation cutter. Typically, aquatic weed harvesting services are used for floating aquatic weeds. Instead of root systems that anchor into the bottom sediments, floating plants can move throughout the waterway, spreading very quickly across the surface. During the removal process, a cutting mechanism shears the target vegetation, which is then hoisted on board for dewatering until it can be off-loaded at the shore.

Ongoing Weed and Algae Management in California

Aquatic weed harvesting services are usually not a one-time event. Most aquatic weed harvesting equipment leaves behind small fragments of the nuisance vegetation, which can sprout new growth, using an aquatic vegetation cutter once or twice per year can keep this growth under control.  

Though many sustainable solutions exist to remove aquatic weeds and algae, the best way to eliminate them is through prevention. Proactive monitoring and water quality testing can help stakeholders understand the risks of nuisance growth and allow professionals to intervene early in the process. A dedicated annual lake and pond management program is a great way to protect the health and beauty of your water resources over time.

Manage Aquatic Weeds In Your California Waterbody

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